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US National Domestic Airline reimagines the caller experience with Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech

With an entirely outsourced contact center operation, the US Domestic Airline was facing a disconnect in customer service. Because customer service and reservations were being handled by a third party, customers couldn’t easily access critical, real-time flight information. This resulted in low satisfaction.

Pivot Technology Services  (acquired by Computacenter) was seeking a partner to cost-effectively address these issues so the airline could own the customer service application directly and outsource only the agents. Pivot and the airline wanted to make sure they had control over experience and satisfaction.

An IVR that is fast, efficient and encourages self-service


Adaptable components to enable easy integration


Immediate savings with the LumenVox pricing model

US National Domestic Airline

Integration Partner
Pivot Technology Solutions (acquired by Computacenter)

Cisco Voice Platform

LumenVox Software
Speech Recognizer


Migrating from an older IVR system and completely outsourced contact center to a newer platform that could be routed to 4-5 partners acting as agents.


A modern speech-enabled IVR, built on Cisco Voice Platform (CVP), designed from the ground up by Pivot Technology Services, utilizing LumenVox Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech.


Bilingual call flows in English and Spanish allow customers to access relevant information within the IVR, often without the need for agent interaction. 

Utilizing LumenVox’s Automatic Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech Pivot Technology Services’ IVR is now fast, efficient and encourages self-service

The new architecture enables bilingual call flows in English and Spanish, which improves the customer experience and reduces cost.

The key applications of the new system enable easy access to critical flight information, including new bookings and irregular operation notices. That means the airline’s customers can access relevant information within the IVR, often without the need for agent interaction.

As greater reliance upon IVR increases with COVID-19, and the industry moves towards more conversational IVR builds, the ability to gain speech engine access without breaking the budget will become even more important. LumenVox components are easily scalable, enabling greater capacity to handle large call volumes and more sophisticated, intelligent technology.

“We have found LumenVox technically astute, possessing of streamlined business processes and a demonstrable customer first attitude.”

Jeff Brinckman, Director, Customer Experience Solutions, Pivot Technology Services



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