Hear a revolutionary text-to-speech experience with LumenVox's new Neural TTS engine.

Real-time Transcription

Stay efficient, secure, and accurate, using LumenVox’s Transcription Engine, fully equipped with an unconstrained grammar—SLM for any natural language application.

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Easily Leverage Your Transcription Data to Drive Your Business Forward

In-House Transcription

With your transcription fully in-house, you can manage better control over your files, knowing they’re private, secure, and only available to you.

Flexible, Modular Software

Gone are the days of wasting time and money to level up your conversational intelligence. Use the LumenVox tech stack to add in transcription to your technology with ease.

Real-Time Transcription

Of the 80% of companies leveraging ASR for transcription, less than one-third of those same companies are applying their findings to improve outcomes and drive new business decisions. Don’t be one of them. Use the data from your real-time transcription.

Strengthen Decision-Making and Improve Diverse Customer Experiences

Turn the spoken word, from a variety of languages and accents, into readable, understandable text enabling you to make better business decisions and boost your CX.


90%+ accurate.
Well above other automated transcription tools and manual (human) transcription.


Easy-to-integrate to helps you cut costs by avoiding third-party transcription companies.


Built on the foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural Networks--and built to grow with you.


Real-time Speech-to-Text. Our ASR engine delivers high availability and extremely accurate transcription with no latency.

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