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Verascape needed to detect answering machines in outbound calls


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Self-Service as a Service

Verascape has been a CX pioneer since the start of the digital age. The cloud-based “Self-Service as a Service” provider offers companies the ability to automate CX across all customer communications channels, from phone calls to social media, at a fraction of the cost to hire an army of humans.

Seeing a spike in costly inbound calls for routine questions, Verascape decided to proactively offer outbound calls to customers instead. There was just one thing standing in Verascape’s way.

Answering the challenge

We’ve all experienced it: You listen to your voicemail and the automated message starts mid-sentence or sits dumb in silence for an awkwardly long moment. “What did it say about a delivery delay?” we wonder as the robo-voice blunders on.

An effective outbound call strategy must account for voicemail. An entire generation of older predictive dialers lets calls go straight to voicemail as a matter of course. To beat back the voicemail beast, Verascape needed a way to detect whether it was talking to a live human or a voicemail recording.

Message Recieved

Thanks to LumenVox Call Progress Analysis, Verascape’s business customers deliver better, more proactive CX. Solving the voicemail problem had an immediate ROI for Verascape, including: a 10% improvement in outbound call completion rate, better customer service, and cost savings at the call center.

“There is an excellent customer experience associated with a well-designed speech application. We are able to move customers away for the misery of Touch-tone input and provide a much more pleasant experience that meets a customer’s desire for greater convenience, mobility, and time-independence.”

– Mike Browning, Vice President, Verascape

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