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LumenVox: Modular, Speech-Enabling Technology

The AI-driven speech recognition technology you need to transform your voice experiences.

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text-to-speech synthesis

Our modular technology is made for flexibility.

We’ve created and collected the best in speech and voice technology that can power your solutions and applications, seamlessly & affordably.

Lighter Workloads

Do more with less when you can rely on highly accurate self-service and IVR containment to lower your agent handling times.

Improved CX

Build world-class CX with LumenVox tools including personalized, conversational AI.

Complete Flexibility

Provides flexibility and control required to easily integrate applications in any environment – on premises, multi-cloud or a hybrid model - at scale.

Maximize ROI

Our robust toolsets can save you significant time and resources through augmenting your speech applications’ usability, keeping you versatile and profitable.

Modular Speech Technology

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)

Our flagship product easily recognizes a wide variety of languages and dialects. Accuracy and performance are foundational in LumenVox’s dynamic ASR engine with its end-to-end Deep Neural Network (DNN) architecture.

Call Progress Analysis

Keep your communication clear with Call Progress Analysis (CPA). With high payload delivery, our CPA is also able to recognize the difference between consumer and enterprise machines as well as SIT and busy network tones for a far more effective way to get your messages delivered. Our CPA technology can most accurately determine whether the call has been connected to a live person or to an automated recording system, only beginning the message after a live human pause or an answering machine tone is heard.

Voice Biometrics

Effortlessly authenticate over remote channels, improving both customer experience and security through analyzing your customer’s voice pattern.

Active Voice Biometric Authentication
Passive Voice Biometric Authentication


Convey information to your user with text-to-speech synthesis, in the most natural-sounding voices on the market. Choose the language, pick the voice, and customize your solution. The best part about our TTS? It seamlessly integrates with other LumenVox products to align with your brand.

Hear It From Our Partners and Industry Analysts

“CX-focused organizations understand there is only one chance to make a first impression. INI’s Interactive Speech Attendant, powered by LumenVox, enables companies to realize the best caller experience with a natural, user-friendly interface all while automating the front desk function.”
Danette Craig
President of Interactive Northwest
“Our strategic partnership with LumenVox will help drive a packaged solution for our ultimate customers, health systems and providers, which will drive patient engagement and improve their overall experience.”
Rajit Kumar
CEO of SpinSci
“Our customers include the largest and most successful brands worldwide who depend on us to meet their business objectives and provide outstanding customer experiences. We are seeing the demand for speech as part of the customer experience accelerate across many industries, but especially in financial services. LumenVox has proven to not only be a great partner, but they are able to help us deliver high performing, speech-enabled solutions at scale and deliver a large ROI.”
Jason Herrera
Global Client Director, Financial Services at Avaya
“LumenVox’s new ASR engine provides high levels of accuracy and intelligence required to capture, recognize, and react to each customer’s intent and define what’s possible for speech and voice recognition software.”
Dan Miller
Lead Analyst, Opus Research
“Simplicity is the hallmark of a LumenVox customer engagement. From fitting technology into an existing environment to extremely flexible pricing and consumption models, LumenVox is an easy company to work with. The company continues to innovate across its core components and develops new functionalities that address key trends in the industry.”
Nancy Jamison
Industry Director at Frost & Sullivan

Software Toolsets

Our Core Voice Technology Suite offers more ways to upgrade, enhance and even customize speech applications with simple, easy-to-use interface included with all LumenVox software.

Speech Tuner

Tune and transcribe your speech applications and leverage statistical confidence values to quickly enhance your speech application through checking syntax, editing the grammar, or testing configuration changes. Migrate over 80% of your grammars and confidence values from legacy applications to the LumenVox ASR with relative ease.

Contact Center Extension

Use voice biometrics in an enterprise call center environment, store and encrypt biometric data, manage users, enroll and configure authentication, and monitor the system.

LumenVox Use Cases

It’s time to put solid technology to good use in voice and speech scenarios.

Answering Machine Detection

Enrich customer communication, lessen client handling times, and reduce inbound calls with proactive and extraordinarily accurate outbound phone messages using LumenVox’s Call Progress Analysis (CPA) and Voice Activity Detection (VAD) technology.

Contact Center​

Highly-accurate speech recognition with voice biometrics and outbound messaging help you deliver an amazing end-to-end customer experience.

Conversational AI​

Fulfill your biggest business needs with conversational AI-powered applications (including chatbots) to keep you on the cutting edge.


Stay efficient, secure, and accurate, using LumenVox’s Transcription Engine, fully equipped with an unconstrained grammar--Statistical Language Modeling (SLM) for any natural language application.

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