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Voice Technology to Power Conversational CX

The first modular speech technology stack providing full ASR and Voice Biometric capabilities.

Modular, Innovative Technology

LumenVox gives you the building blocks, so you can create the ideal deployment for your use case.

Drive Engagement

Enhance your speech applications to improve ROI and elevate the customer experience.


LumenVox ASR and TTS set a new standard for customer experience. Enable frictionless self-service with exceptional accuracy and the ultimate tuning flexibility.


LumenVox Call Progress moves the goalpost for all of your voice notification needs. Built upon our state-of-the-art speech algorithm, we provide near 100% accuracy at unrivaled scale.



LumenVox Voice Biometrics validates identity with a credential that’s entirely unique, convenient and secure: the human voice.

The LumenVox Technology Stack

Call Progress Analysis

Accurately determine if a human or machine has answered a call for unrivaled outbound call assurance.

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Speech Recognizer

Develop innovative and dynamic speech-enabled solutions that help automate the customer experience.

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Enable any computer application to synthesize text into spoken word to allow for self-service and IVR containment.

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Active Voice Biometrics

Authenticate individuals through a streamlined process that focuses on convenience and security.

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Passive Voice Biometrics

Replace customer interrogation with conversational, frictionless, and secure authentication.

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Successful Deployments



of Processed Speech Utterances

100s of Millions

of Voice Powered Notifications



of Authenticated Voiceprints

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Reimagine the Total Experience

using the unparalleled power of intelligent voice. A true modular technology stack approach, built to be deployed in your cloud.

World-Class Partners & Customers

Trusted and depended upon for our customer focus and successful track record.

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