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Best-in-Class Speech + Authentication

LumenVox’ unique combination of speech software and multifactor biometric authentication technology empowers highly intuitive solutions for virtually any interactive computing or telephony task.

A Better Customer Experience

LumenVox technology provides tools for you to effectively deploy speech-enabled applications to improve the Contact Center CX and ROI with our flexible, cost-effective software suite.

Alleviate Remote Worker Stress

Create a seamless authentication process that radically improves security and convenience for your remote workforce. Learn how with the LumenVox on-demand webinar.

Speech and Multifactor Authentication Technologies

Enabling organizations to meet the highest standards of customer experience, productivity and security.


LumenVox Technology

Every LumenVox product is related. That means when you deploy one, you are setting yourself up for unlimited potential, enabling easy integration of all LumenVox speech and authentication technology.

LumenVox Use Cases

LumenVox voice enables applications that are utilized across the globe and in a wide variety of industries, such as healthcare, automotive, financial services, hospitality, logistics, and telecom.

LumenVox Support

Accelerate development and streamline deployment with key support services, such as training courses, voice branding, and technical support, to successfully develop and deploy your initial LumenVox speech applications.

Announcing LumenVox Version 8

Our most advanced suite of biometric authentication technologies to date. Version 8 harnesses the power of AI and biometrics.


Support for voice, biometric authentication, fraud prevention, and user convenience applications that can be deployed in private single and multi-tenant instances for on-premises, cloud-based and hosted solutions.

Customer Centric

We have a relentless focus on customer service and use our global presence to support customers operating in multiple geographies as one team. With offices in San Diego, California and Munich, Germany.


We hold key patents in biometrics authentication and forge alliances with the world’s leading research centers and scientists and create a resourceful and collaborative environment where new and unique ideas come to life.

Cost Effective and Scalable Technology

Contact Center Authentication

Deliver a faster and more secure customer verification experience

Password Reset

Self-service password reset using biometrics to cut Help Desk costs 

Mobile Banking Security and Authentication

Safe digital banking experiences for all your customers

Speech Recognizer

Develop innovative and dynamic speech enabled solutions

Proof of Life

Prevent identity theft and fraudulent claimants


Multifactor Authentication

Voice biometrics and knowledge-based authentication technology

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Our Clients

The world’s leading organizations depend on LumenVox for our customer focus and successful track record in speech automation and multi-modal biometrics.

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