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Deutsche Post DHL Provides a Faster, More Secure Way to Speech-Enable the Customer Experience


Deutsche Post DHL
Integration Partner
Into their Windows ADS system
Through a Reset Connector
LumenVox Software
Active Voice Biometrics - Password Reset

Deutsche Post DHL achieves significant productivity gains and cost savings within their Help Desk

Deutsche Post was looking for a way to automate the password reset process for employees in its Germany offices. The process was too long at four hours, negatively affecting productivity, and required manual agent support, increasing the burden on the helpdesk. The IT staff required a solution that provided 24/7 self-service, significantly reduced the length of the password reset process, and offered a high level of authentication security to protect its systems and employees from unauthorized access.

LumenVox Password Reset is utilized to provide a more convenient, secure, and automated user experience.

The solution provides a more convenient user experience that doesn’t require the involvement of help desk staff while providing a very high level of security with voice biometrics. Employees voluntarily enroll their voice by calling a password reset phone number or receiving an automated call-back from a webpage to store their unique voiceprint. Their voice is then used to automatically authenticate them each time they require a password reset for a more secure and convenient process.

The solution integrates into their Windows ADS system through a reset connector for a seamless experience. Self-service password reset has been very popular, with over 25,000 Deutsche Post employees voluntarily signing up and using the service today.

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