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Mobile Operator Focuses on Emerging Markets to Deliver Convenient and Secure Authentication


A multinational mobile telecommunications company, operating in many African and Middle Eastern countries
Integration Partner
OneVault and Contactable
Mobile Banking Application
LumenVox Software
Active Voice Biometrics

Strengthening authentication of mobile money channel with LumenVox Active Voice Biometric Authentication

The Client is a mobile operator, pioneering technology in the world of emerging markets. Their latest launch meets a critical need. Within emerging markets, many customers are ‘unbanked’, however, mobile phones usage is prolific and a rapid-growing niche. In response, the Client has recently introduced a Mobile Money solution that will allow customers to easily set up a bank account and make financial transactions digitally. The platform finally offers these customers a financial services solution that enables their active participation in the economy in a safe and secure manner.

LumenVox Active Voice Biometrics provides convenient and trustworthy user authentication.

The Client recognized the benefits of introducing biometrics – both face and voice. At the same time, they envisioned a more seamless, remote, and digital process, one that did not require engagement with a live agent or a physical location.

To fulfill the voice biometric component of the process, the client worked with authentication solution provider OneVault and their partner Contactable to implement LumenVox Active Voice Biometrics within Contactable’s digital identity platform. Users are now able to register their voice password with a simple statement: “At [NAME of COMPANY] my voice is my password.” On subsequent calls, these registered users can then use this same phrase to quickly validate their identity and secure transactions.

The Client’s Mobile Money solution now features self-service PIN reset using active Voice Biometrics, with fall-back options to facilitate the resetting of PINs in-store or via a mobile app. The next phase of security integration will introduce Facial Recognition.

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