Hear a revolutionary text-to-speech experience with LumenVox's new Neural TTS engine.

The Age of Voice Innovation, Part I: Attributes of the New Engine Webcast

Voice Technology Predictions


Dramatic improvements in automatic speech recognition (ASR) and voice technologies have transformed the role of voice communication in the enterprise for customer and employee-facing applications.

Speech recognition has reached unprecedented levels of accuracy. Synthetic text-to-speech voices are often indistinguishable from humans. Voice biometrics detects both real and synthesized imposters reliably and at-scale.

We’re excited to join Dan Miller and Derek Top of Opus Research along with Joe Hagan, Chief Product Officer at LumenVox, on Tuesday, September 14th at 10am PT/1pm ET, for a lively discussion on how speech and voice technologies are shaping next-generation customer and employee experiences, including:

  • Accuracy – how accuracy and other performance gains instill the confidence businesses need to build new voice-first applications
  • Accessibility – guidance on choosing the right technology foundation and partner to meet current and future business needs
  • Affordability – the myth of “it’s expensive” and why it no longer applies – and options for businesses where the reverse is true
  • Flexibility – Deploy speech applications in any environment, in any cloud: on-premise, multi-cloud, or a hybrid model.

“New demands have redefined the very meaning of Automated Speech Recognition,” said Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research. “LumenVox’s new ASR engine provides high levels of accuracy and intelligence required to capture, recognize, and react to each customer’s intent and define what’s possible for speech and voice recognition software.”

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