Embracing the Cloud to Deliver Powerful Voice Experiences

Embracing the Cloud to Deliver Powerful Voice Experiences On Demand Webinar

Understanding Containers and Modularization Watch our exclusive 30-minute on-demand webinar to find out how to support an every-growing and diversifying customer base with meaningful, accurate, and scalable voice experiences through the cloud. During the session, Nigel Quinnin, Distinguished Engineer at LumenVox, will discuss the shift to the cloud and containerization. The future of voice technologies […]

Deep Neural Networks in Speech Recognition

Learn why and how LumenVox’s new end-to-end DNN ASR engine can help Improved Accuracy: Deep Neural Networks deliver a level of accuracy in speech recognition that legacy technology can’t match, with typical total cost of ownership (TCO) reductions by as much as 35% annually. Enhanced Language Support: Without the need to add new acoustic models, new languages […]

Streamline Speech Transcription and Reduce Errors

Learn how a next-generation ASR system saves companies time and money wasted on transcription errors and training. Companies using legacy ASR systems to power their speech-enabled customer experiences waste time and money that’s spent on errors and training processes. Next-generation ASR solutions, however, help businesses build cost-effective, dynamic voice experiences at scale. In this eBook […]

Migrating to the Conversational Cloud Made Easy

Migrating to the Conversational Cloud

By Dan Miller | Lead Analyst and Founder, Opus Research Back in the 1970s, songwriter Ry Cooder penned a song that should be the anthem for the age of The Conversational Cloud. It starts with the musical question: “How can you keep on movin’ unless you migrate too?” As IT professionals and contact center administrators […]

Voice Technology Will Strengthen Business Communications and Decision Making in 2022


Originally published on vmblog.com, authored by Joe Hagan, LumenVox Chief Product Officer When the then-novel “Hey, Siri!” capability screamed onto the scene in 2011, no one could have predicted that voice technology would become a driver for innovation. Now, a decade later, it’s estimated that 1 in 4 U.S. adults own and actively use a smart speaker […]

Speech Technologies are Poised to Disrupt the Patient Experience, According to Recent Survey


LumenVox and SpinSci State of Healthcare and Innovation Survey Findings highlight overdue shift in healthcare investments in AI, speech technology, and security with the patient experience at the forefront. LumenVox, a leading provider of speech and voice technology, and SpinSci, a patient digital engagement and workflow efficiencies company, recently announced the results for the State […]

Businesses Expect More From Speech Technologies – And Rightfully So


By Dan Miller | Lead Analyst and Founder, Opus Research Just one year ago in response to an executive survey, Opus Research found businesses were significantly underutilizing (80%) “voice data” that was captured and analyzed. Well, that didn’t take long to remedy. When asked a similar question in a survey this year, we witnessed a […]

ASR’s Renaissance Calls for an Innovation Engine

ASR’s Renaissance Calls for an Innovation Engine

By Scott Baker | Senior Analyst, Opus Research Voice has found new life as we enter the new year. Enterprises and their customers have high expectations for solutions that closely link accurate speech recognition, human-like text-to-speech renderings, natural language understanding (NLU), and voice biometrics to serve specific, or even multiple, use cases. ASR has grown […]

Processing the Big Claim: The Benefits of Automated Audio-to-Text Transcription

There’s no disputing that insurance companies manage a mountain of recorded audio files. From adjusters recording claimants and interviews with eyewitnesses, to conversations with medical, legal and insurance professionals, the sheer number of these captured verbal records can be overwhelming, especially when your claims team processes hundreds of claims a month. Imagine how much time […]