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The #1 Predictive Dialer Technology for Call Center Success

The #1 Predictive Dialer Technology for Call Center Success


A future-fit outbound call center is one that invests in technology to create business value beyond merely cutting costs. It is a contact center that harnesses high-tech software to empower agents and improve customer satisfaction. 

Success in these areas can have a direct impact on profits. One Deloitte survey, for instance, found that three out of five customers were likely to abandon their preferred brand after a poor customer service experience. 

It’s clear that every interaction counts. One way to make the most of every call is to harness the benefits of a predictive dialer.

What is predictive dialer technology?

This is a type of software that allows you to automate the outbound calling process. The dialer technology executes bulk calls from a list of contact numbers and, depending on its capabilities, determines the difference between busy signals, answering machine or voicemail messages, no-answers, disconnected numbers and live calls. 

The automated predictive dialer’s goal is to only connect live calls to agents when a prospect answers. In this scenario, timing is everything. The best predictive call center dialer uses advanced machine learning technology to predict the exact time that an agent should be wrapping up a call, so it can dial other numbers and connect the next live call with minimal delay.

How advanced predictive dialer technology increases call center efficiency

In this article, we explore how contact centers can harness next-gen auto-dialer capabilities to optimize agent performance and elevate the customer experience.

Improves agent productivity and reduces burnout

Delay is the ultimate time-waster for agents and one of the most significant challenges that call centers face. Ultimately, it affects performance expectations and key performance indicators, such as service level and outbound call time engagement.

A predictive dialer that is equipped with call progress analysis (CPA) technology is able to measure agents’ average handle time per call. It then goes a step further by using this average time to predict when to dial the next client before an agent has ended their call. This substitutes costly delay for high productivity.

The best CPA solutions use AI-enabled voice activity detection (VAD) to determine whether the predictive dialer has hit an answering machine or a live human, with the highest accuracy. This intelligent technology allows for precise filtering of live (human-answered) phone calls, which reduces the agent’s average handle time and boosts productivity.

Ultimately, a call center dialer that includes these capabilities will remove unnecessary delays from one call to the next. The outcomes? Agents spend more time communicating with prospects and achieving their KPIs, leading to higher satisfaction levels and retention rates. This is critical, given that studies show that each new agent hire costs a contact center $10,000 to $20,000 in training, recruiting costs, and lost productivity during onboarding.

Increases customer satisfaction

Just like agents, customers don’t like to be kept waiting. Adding CPA to its predictive dialer allows a contact center to create an instantaneous connection with its customers. Instead of long hold times, the call center can proactively and automatically call customers back. Upon successful determination that they have indeed picked up the phone, the CPA solution immediately connects the customer to a live agent. 

LumenVox CPA technology has this down to a science—making 98% accurate determinations within milliseconds. This is because it has the AI capabilities necessary to ensure that it is truly a person on the other end. The timing between the dialing and the agent picking up is seamless; thus, there is no time-wasting pause during which the customer needs to wait for the agent to speak.

Helps to grow sales

Whether the goal is to win new customers or expand existing business, the more time agents spend on live calls, the more likely they are to generate demand, nurture leads and close sales. 

By using intelligent capabilities to assign calls to available agents at the optimum time, these skilled individuals are able to maximize the number of minutes they can spend on the phone with prospects. All this translates to higher sales numbers.

The #1 technology for predictive dialer success: LumenVox Call Progress Analysis

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis (CPA) software adds intelligent capabilities to any automated predictive dialer. Using an AI-driven algorithm called Voice Activity Detection (VAD), LumenVox CPA uses advanced speech recognition technology to more accurately assess whether a call has connected to a human or an answering machine—connecting live calls to agents without delay. 

Ready to learn more about LumenVox’s Call Progress Analysis? Download the white paper “How to Break the Predictive Dialer Glass Ceiling”.


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