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Healthcare and Cybersecurity in 2020

Healthcare and Cybersecurity in 2020


There is a radical rise in the prevalence and sophistication of cyberattacks within healthcare. Data breaches are burdening hospitals with skyrocketing financial costs. According to Business Insider, “the overall cost of a healthcare data breach has grown from $398 per affected record in 2015 to $420 per record in 2019.”

2019 was a rough year when it came to healthcare and cybersecurity: There were multiple breaches that compromised millions of patients. And these patients are not in the dark about it either–their data is precious to them. As a result, these breaches have triggered numerous lawsuits.

This tension puts the healthcare industry in a precarious position: Institutions are juggling the need for strict compliance with their patients’ desire for speedy service processes. Patients expect 24/7 support along with ironclad HIPAA protection—of data, health history, etc. Often healthcare providers believe ensuring security requires some pretty painful security practices for all stakeholders–patients, clinicians, doctors and pharmacists. The relationship all around suffers and security doesn’t necessarily increase.

So how can the healthcare industry innovate? What is a meaningful response to these threats? At LumenVox we have carefully crafted multiple healthcare security solutions to keep patients safe and make all employees’ hours count. But one specific cog in cybersecurity’s wheel particularly relevant to providers is password reset. This process often requires hours of valuable staff time and onerous authentication processes. To make it easier on everyone—and more secure than ever–we have harnessed the power of the human voice. The uniqueness of the human voice is considered highly secure and one of the best methods of validating claimed identity. LumenVox Password Reset provides a fully automated self-service password reset function which requires zero effort from the user and only seconds to complete: To reset a password, a doctor, clinician, pharmacist, etc. is prompted to speak a short passphrase; and through voice biometrics, the claimed identity is validated and the password reset.

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