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Great Is Not Average: The Key to Automated Dialer Success

Great Is Not Average The Key to Automated Dialer Success


Automated dialers result in critical cost savings and other agent and customer satisfaction benefits within multi-channel call centers. You can dramatically increase these cost savings and benefits with the addition of Call Progress Analysis (CPA) software. Here, we will explore the role of automated dialers in call centers, and how you can enhance them with LumenVox Call Progress Analysis technology.

The Role of Automated Dialers

Automated dialer software can automate many tasks for call centers, including:

Predictive dialing: Auto dialers use algorithms to optimally time calls. The algorithm considers the availability of call center agents and the amount of time it takes for calls to be answered. From there, they adjust the dialing rate to ensure calls take place at the optimal moment.

Message delivery: Auto dialers call specified numbers and deliver message “payload”, which can be anything from appointment reminders to political campaign messages, emergency notifications, etc. These calls are usually queued up, and the system works through the list.

Both functions save representatives valuable time and, in turn, save your call center money.

The Benefits of Enhancing Your Automated Dialer with LumenVox Call Progress Analysis Software

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis software uses a unique approach called Voice Activity Detection (VAD), advanced speech recognition technology which uses a blend of tone detection and speech recognition software to accurately distinguish between humans and answering machines. This software dramatically improves both automated dialer functions.

So, what improvements can LumenVox Call Progress Analysis bring to your call center overall?

Improved Accuracy

Every millisecond counts. By enhancing the predictive process of your automated dialer with LumenVox Call Progress Analysis, agents receive the most accurately filtered calls—as LumenVox Call Progress Analysis ensures there is a live human being on the other end.

From a proactive outbound call standpoint, Our Voice Activity Detection technology is much more accurate than traditional answering machine detection software. This ensures that your full message is delivered to the correct customer at the optimal moment, down to the millisecond.

A Reduction in Call Center Inbound Calls

With proactive outbound communication, LumenVox Call Progress Analysis customers can rely on receiving messages in full, regardless of whether they are there to answer the phone or not. When you successfully deliver up-to-date, relevant information to the customer, they do not need to contact an agent or phone the call center for important updates. This dramatically reduces inbound calls, reducing the workload of agents.

Decreased Call Center Operational Costs

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis technology is all about enhancing automated dialers to increase efficiency. With LumenVox Call Progress Analysis, automated dialers filter solely live calls to agents, contributing to significant operational cost savings and dramatically impact the overall competitive advantage for the call center.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

More than ever, customers want proactive communication. More than ever, customers prefer updates via their smartphones. The likelihood of a customer receiving an update through their phone is far greater than the chances of them reading an email. Ensuring that messages are accurately and efficiently delivered in full will work to improve customer satisfaction with your brand.

The Takeaway

To remain competitive in the call center industry, it is important to invest in the most advanced technology to maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs. LumenVox Call Progress Analysis is setting a new standard, breaking the glass ceiling when it comes to automated dialer accuracy.

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