The Secret to Having a Highly Accurate Auto Dialer

Make every second count with Call Progress Analysis Get fewer inbound calls: when customers receive up-to-date, relevant information, they do not need to contact an agent or phone the call center for important updates. Increase efficiency: with CPA, automated dialers can significantly contribute to operational cost savings. Improve customer satisfaction: accurately and efficiently delivering messages […]

How Call Progress Analysis Optimizes Call Routing

There’s a better way for Call Centers to Connect with Customers Learn more about what CPA is, how it works, and how you can benefit in How Call Progress Analysis Optimizes Call Routing to Save Time and Money, a guide to the advanced technology that’s already unlocking efficiency, cost-savings, and opportunities for call centers nationwide. Outcomes seen by CPA users […]

Let AI Solve Your Auto Dialer Headaches and Start Seeing 100% Completion Rates

Let AI Solve Your Auto Dialer Headaches

Technology has always played a meaningful role in sales and customer service. Now—with advancements in AI and a rapid shift to digital during the pandemic—more call center leaders are embracing advanced solutions. Their goals? To accelerate performance, bring down operating costs and deliver more value to customers.  To remain relevant in these circumstances, it’s vital […]

What’s the Secret to an Intelligent Auto Dialer?

What's the Secret to an Intelligent Auto Dialer

A robust outbound call strategy needs to invest in the right technology to allow precise and proactive outbound communication. Auto dialers are a common investment because they can boost efficiency. A call center agent often has the menial task of dialing numbers where most of the time, they remain unanswered. Auto Dialers are designed to […]

The #1 Predictive Dialer Technology for Call Center Success

The #1 Predictive Dialer Technology for Call Center Success

A future-fit outbound call center is one that invests in technology to create business value beyond merely cutting costs. It is a contact center that harnesses high-tech software to empower agents and improve customer satisfaction.  Success in these areas can have a direct impact on profits. One Deloitte survey, for instance, found that three out of […]

Great Is Not Average: The Key to Automated Dialer Success

Great Is Not Average The Key to Automated Dialer Success

Automated dialers result in critical cost savings and other agent and customer satisfaction benefits within multi-channel call centers. You can dramatically increase these cost savings and benefits with the addition of Call Progress Analysis (CPA) software. Here, we will explore the role of automated dialers in call centers, and how you can enhance them with […]

Designing a Successful Outbound Call Campaign

Designing a Successful Outbound Call Campaign

A successful outbound call campaign is a powerful weapon to add to your sales arsenal. In today’s world of marketing emails and robocalls, a personalized phone call can be a breath of fresh air. To ensure that your customers and leads receive calls that are relevant to them, follow these 4 tips. 4 Tips for […]

Enhancing Your Automated Predictive Dialer

Enhancing Your Automated Predictive Dialer

Automated predictive dialers have been around for a long time, perhaps longer than most people realize, with InfoLogix introducing one of the earliest recorded automated predictive dialers in the 1980s. Things have evolved since those early technologies, however, the technical requirements remain the same; the ability to determine through some predictive analysis when an operator […]

Effective Call Center Strategies for Outbound Calling Success

Effective Call Center Strategies for Outbound Calling Success

The sound of silence and human speech: Being able to interpret this automatically is the key to an effective call center strategy for outbound calling success. LumenVox Call Progress Analysis offers call center operators and predictive dialer developers the core technology to quickly and accurately classify whether calls were answered by a human or a […]

3 Ways to Improve the Agent Experience with Voice Technology

3 Ways to Improve the Agent Experience with Voice Technology

Customer experience is often highest on the priority list for businesses. But in a post-pandemic world, organizations are looking for ways to improve the agent experience as well. By raising the importance of agent concerns to the same priority level as customer concerns, organizations can dramatically improve employee satisfaction levels, optimize the efficiency of individuals, […]

Improve Outbound Contact Strategy with Voice Activity Detection

Voice Technology Predictions

Contact center leaders have come up against a host of challenges recently. They’ve had to keep the lights on during the crisis and adapt to remote or hybrid ways of working. They’ve also had to deal with a growing skills gap, known globally as the ‘Great Resignation’. During December 2021, for example, there were 4.6 […]

Join LumenVox at IAUG Wired!

Join LumenVox at IAUG Wired

The International Avaya Users Group is holding its second annual online virtual event: IAUG Wired, this Tuesday, February 10, 2021. We were able to attend last year in Phoenix, Arizona, and can speak to the exciting engagement it offers. The best part about this year? You don’t have to leave the comfort of your office […]