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A solid outbound contact strategy requires technology that can perform intelligent proactive outbound communication. Predictive dialers can accomplish this, with the right type of detection, boosting efficiency and cutting cost.

Predictive dialers give businesses a shortcut through a simple issue: delay. When any phone number is dialed, there is a high likelihood (over 60%) that the call will not be answered. Therefore, the time spent waiting for it is wasted, if/ when performed by a human operator or agent.

Even calls answered are not answered immediately. On average there can be 15 to 20 seconds of delay before the phone is picked up. Predictive dialers can filter out productive and unproductive outbound calls–ones that require the expense of agent interactions, and ones that do not.

What Sets LumenVox Call Progress Analysis Apart – Voice Activity Detection

Modern predictive dialers that can distinguish the difference between live parties, answering machines or voicemail services fall into the category of “voice activity detection.” Predictive dialers which can only identify machines by their busy, SIT, answering machine beep or fax tones fall into “tone detection.”

Voice Activity Detection (VAD) Predictive dialers perform an intelligent interpretation of delay. VAD enables agents to spend more time speaking with their intended call recipients. This dramatically increases the overall productivity of the contact center.

LumenVox has moved the goalpost with this Voice Activity Detection approach. We call our technology “Call Progress Analysis.” Call Progress Analysis leverages VAD to filter out these “dead” calls, so that only “live” calls (ones that have been answered by live parties) are passed to agents.

The Result

Any contact center with any number of agents working can reap the benefits. With the use of Call Progress Analysis, agents’ time can be spent solely on live interactions with customers. With statistical analysis, adjustments and feedback, that contact center can achieve optimal performance and considerable cost savings.

To learn more about Call Progress Analysis and its capabilities, contact a member of our team or, click here.

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