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Let AI Solve Your Auto Dialer Headaches and Start Seeing 100% Completion Rates

Let AI Solve Your Auto Dialer Headaches


Technology has always played a meaningful role in sales and customer service. Now—with advancements in AI and a rapid shift to digital during the pandemic—more call center leaders are embracing advanced solutions.

Their goals? To accelerate performance, bring down operating costs and deliver more value to customers. 

To remain relevant in these circumstances, it’s vital for companies to equip their call center agents with the tools to perform at their best. One worthwhile addition to this toolkit is AI-driven auto dialer software.

The purpose of auto dialer software

When call center agents have to use manual dialing methods for their outbound campaigns, they can waste a lot of time punching in numbers, waiting for people or machines to pick up, and dealing with lines that are busy.

An auto dialer is a software solution that streamlines the outbound calling process by automating a range of tasks for your call center agents. These include auto-dialing numbers, optimally timing calls and delivering automated messages.

An intelligent auto dialer solution can save valuable time in your call center, which can be redirected towards other revenue-generating activities. However, not all auto-dialers are up to the task.

Where traditional auto dialer software falls short

Conventional auto dialer software has its limitations. As this type of technology uses only audio energy levels and timing cues to determine whether the call has been answered by a human or a machine, static on the line or background noises can easily confuse the software, with a negative impact on accuracy and timing.

When a human answers the call, the software may mistake it for an answering machine. Rather than connecting that person with an agent, the software would then deliver a pre-recorded message—which comes across as unprofessional and off-pitch. Alternatively, the call could be dropped just as the customer answers.

These types of determination errors frustrate your customers and hurt your business.

What’s the solution?

To solve these issues, LumenVox has developed Call Progress Analysis (CPA), which uses an AI-driven algorithm called Voice Activity Detection (VAD). This technology is more accurate than traditional answering machine detection software because it uses advanced speech recognition and machine learning capabilities to assess whether a call has connected to a human or an answering machine.

This means that your auto dialer can classify calls precisely and promptly—instantly connecting the call with a live agent or leaving a message, depending on whether there is a human or answering machine on the other end of the line.  

By harnessing AI capabilities in this way, your call center can increase agent productivity and enhance the success of your high-volume outbound messaging and sales campaigns. 

Why choose LumenVox’s AI-driven CPA software?

  • Reduce inbound calls:
    Make the most of every call and deliver your message to customers successfully, so they have fewer reasons to contact an agent or phone your call center for important updates.
  • Increase productivity:
    Accelerate your outbound calling processes, minimize errors, and free up more time for your skilled and experienced agents to have live conversations with customers.
  • Improve the customer experience:
    Customers get the information they need, in full, when they need it, which means less friction and more satisfaction. 
  • Integrate with ease: 
    LumenVox CPA technology conforms to a set of industry standards, and it is therefore easy to integrate into your existing calling platform.

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