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4 Reasons Flexible Licensing Matters 


Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology has become an increasingly essential tool for businesses to scale and survive. 

Look no further than the meltdown that happened over the recent holidays at Southwest Airlines – leaving customers stranded and unable to get information about how to get home.

The damage that an insufficient Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can cause is incalculable. 

ASR cost can be a barrier

ASR has a wide range of applications, from customer service centers to transcription and translation. It’s used across a slew of industries, from healthcare to finance and transportation. 

Yet when it comes to implementing ASR technology, one of the problems faced by small and medium-sized businesses is cost. 

Rigid rate plans from Big Tech ASR providers can blow up operating expenses as you scale. If you need a custom plan to fit your go-to-market, forget it. 

Learn about Flexible Licensing Plans at LumenVox 

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nuance has once again put inflexible licensing in the spotlight. Many customers who had been on perpetual software licenses have been told that’s no longer an option. 

That’s why flexible licensing is so important at LumenVox. By offering flexibility in our ASR licensing, LumenVox makes it possible for any business to add next-level voice experiences to their CX stack.

Flexible licensing for ASR

Here are 4 reasons we believe flexible licensing is important: 

  1. Cost-effectiveness: An adaptable pricing plan allows you to only pay for the ASR services you need, when you need them. This can help reduce your operating expenses and increase efficiency, especially if you only require ASR on an ad-hoc basis. 
  1. Scalability: ASR needs can vary from one organization to another, or from one year to the next as your business grows. Flexible licensing allows you to scale your ASR usage up or down as needed. 
  1. Adaptability: Businesses have the option to sample ASR services without committing to a long-term contract. This can be especially useful for businesses new to the world of ASR who want to try it out before committing to a larger investment. 
  1. Customization: Businesses can tailor their ASR service plan to the way they go-to-market. 

If you are thinking about implementing, enhancing, or replacing your ASR-based applications, you should consider saving 35% or more with LumenVox’s flexible licensing plans. 

For your personal plan, schedule a free consultation with one of our ASR pricing experts.

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