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What’s the Secret to an Intelligent Auto Dialer?

What's the Secret to an Intelligent Auto Dialer


A robust outbound call strategy needs to invest in the right technology to allow precise and proactive outbound communication. Auto dialers are a common investment because they can boost efficiency. A call center agent often has the menial task of dialing numbers where most of the time, they remain unanswered. Auto Dialers are designed to reduce the time an agent spends on unanswered calls. This increases the number of interactions an agent can have in a single day.

And yet auto dialers can often fall short of this efficiency expectation. Why? Because most auto dialer’s don’t have the artificial intelligence (AI) necessary to deliver the highest accuracy determinations.

Make Your Auto Dialer Intelligent with LumenVox Call Progress Analysis

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis integrates with auto dialers and speech applications so that any call center can leverage its state-of-the-art Voice Activity Detection (VAD), an advanced technology based in machine learning or AI algorithms.

With LumenVox Call Progress Analysis your auto dialer software is made “smart”, which means it can identify if an answering machine or live person has answered the outbound call. This intelligence eradicates delay within the process, so employees and customers are treated to more talk time and less frustration. The reduction in wasted time creates more space and time for agents to have meaningful interactions with live customers. This results in higher productivity and improved employee performance.

How are our customers using LumenVox Call Progress Analysis

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis can be used for a wide variety of use cases, including:

  • Virtual holds, reducing the need for customers to wait on hold
  • E-callbacks, accurately timing return calls
  • Collections, aiding in successful outbound debt collection campaigns
  • Outbound sales at high volume
  • General outbound calling campaigns, including critical customer notifications
  • Live/human call filtering to agents

Auto Dialers, LumenVox Call Progress Analysis & Customer Experience

LumenVox’s Call Progress Analysis makes it easier for customers to reach and be reached by agents as it prioritizes live participants. With the addition of LumenVox Call Progress Analysis to your auto dialer, your customers will appreciate shorter wait times as this technology can predict when the next agent will become available.

Smart Auto Dialer Outbound Message Delivery

LumenVox Call Progress ensures that customers receive messages in full if their call is answered by voicemail. LumenVox Call Progress Analysis doesn’t guess if a machine is answering the call. It uses complex machine learning, tone-detection, and active listening to know precisely when to leave a message.

More Auto Dialer Benefits: Reduce Dropped Calls and Pauses

Many customers spend too long waiting for an agent to answer them. Or, they simply give up when there is too much pause time before the agent can speak. LumenVox Call Progress Analysis has the artificial intelligence necessary to transfer waiting customers to an available agent within milliseconds. This ensures fewer dropped calls and minimal silence before proactive communication takes place.

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis is exceeding expectations every day, with one customer making over 1 billion outbound calls per month with over 99% accuracy. Ready to learn more? Download our whitepaper.

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