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LumenVox Official Sponsor at Service Management World

LumenVox Official Sponsor at Service Management World


We’re proud to announce we are back as an official sponsor of Service Management World: A Digital Experience. This exciting virtual event will be held July 21st-22nd. It’s going to be jam-packed with case studies, enlightening discussions, and networking opportunities so you can make your service exceed expectations.

What to know before you go to Service Management World

In today’s digital world, delivering world-class customer and employee experiences is the key to keeping business goals on track. We are excited to share what LumenVox can do to improve the service management experience by way of our voice recognition and password reset capabilities.

Come by the LumenVox digital expo booth to start a conversation. We are ready to talk all things #voice and exactly how LumenVox can propel digital transformation leveraging this cutting-edge technology.

Bring your unique business case, and we will have LumenVox experts ready to engage.

What We are Featuring at Service Management World

LumenVox is taking voice to another level. Our technology empowers both customers and employees with self-service and automation within the help desk environment. We will be talking about several of our products that are breaking records, glass ceilings and winning over our customer and partners.

Taking Automatic Speech Recognition to the next level

LumenVox provides a streamlined way for customers to migrate off incumbent ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) engines by simplifying the migration of grammars and confidence values through its speech tuning capability to the new LumenVox ASR engine. Our ASR engine comes out-of-the-box with end-to-end recognition capabilities which is built on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Deep Neural Networks (DNN). That means it can train itself, learning specific audio of potential users to learn a wide range of phonetic representations for every word. LumenVox ASR is trained to recognize the most common variations of each word so that it can accurately recognize speech and consider many different pronunciations in a single language, as opposed to having to train according to each individual user. It is taking the complexity of human pronunciation and making it simple—in one easy-to-integrate, flexible ASR engine.

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis: Boosting Auto Dialer Accuracy with Artificial Intelligence

Our state-of-the-art Call Progress Analysis (CPA) is changing the game, breaking accuracy records, making billions of successful outbound calls per month. This technology leverages artificial intelligence to accurately detect live human vs. answering machine as well as tones, background noise, and more. LumenVox CPA can be used to improve accuracy and boost contact center efficiency by enabling “intelligent” proactive outbound message delivery, predictive dialing, e-callbacks, virtual holds and more.

LumenVox Password Reset: The Ultimate Password, Using Voice Biometrics

Millions of personal identity records are compromised each year through data breaches that include email addresses, passwords, and PINS. Protect your employees and your software systems’ security with  LumenVox Password Reset for stronger security and authentication. Leveraging AI-driven voice biometrics, our technology enables employees to authenticate using the sound of their voice—across multiple channels, 24/7.

What Sets LumenVox Voice Technology Apart

Our voice technology is specially designed to integrate with existing footprints, which means you do not need to rip and replace. Instead, you can apply our technology to expand features and improve functions to new and existing partner solutions. Each component is productized for rapid delivery and deployment. Our ecosystem & marketplace-enablement empowers our partners to innovate and differentiate—to take on competitors confidently and disrupt the market.

Our relationship skills are the only things that surpass our technical skills. We have a long history of reliable, trusted partnerships. We ensure our technology is proven and innovative, providing immediate value.

Ready to create an extraordinary voice experience for your customers?​