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LumenVox Featured Alongside Opus Research Industry Experts in “The New Authentication Ecosystem: A Primer” Webinar

LumenVox Featured Alongside Opus Research Industry Experts in “The New Authentication Ecosystem: A Primer” Webinar


Accompanying the publishing of the third annual Intelliview Report entitled, “2020 Intelligent Authentication and Fraud Prevention Intelliview: Solutions for Emerging Security Threats and CX Challenges” by Opus Research, a webinar “The New Authentication Ecosystem: A Primer,” outlined the research findings and insights, and discussed several key themes addressing voice biometrics, fraud detection, digital orchestration, and continuous authentication.

LumenVox’ Chief Revenue Officer, Shawn Edmunds sat alongside industry experts, Dan Miller and Derek Top of Opus Research, and Matt Smallman of SymNex Consulting to educate enterprise decision-makers who want to identify authentication solutions that remove friction from authentication processes.

The discussion speaks to enterprises who are looking for solutions that involve zero or minimum effort on the part of the customer, while still establishing a trusted communications link with their brand. These enterprises want technology that addresses the top needs and priorities of the end customer, improved satisfaction, and greater security.

The panel focuses on the now urgent issue of environment. In a post-COVID world, there has been a major shift. There is now the requirement of an ecosystem that can adapt and scale at lightning speed. They also answer several key questions from the end user’s perspective: Does voice biometric and other technology work? Will it scale? Will end-users use these services and be happy with the experience?

Other key takeaways include:

  • A timeline and continuum of Intelligent Authentication (IAuth)
  • An outline of voice technology decision rules
  • Trends in IAuth, for employees and consumers
  • The impact of COVID and fraud on IAuth
  • LumenVox’ unique position in the voice technology market

As the Intelliview report demonstrated and the webinar highlights, LumenVox’s technology, available for both on-premise and cloud deployments, stands as a leader of voice technology–not only creating a better customer experience but also adding trusted layers of security.

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