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How to Seamlessly Voice-Enable Applications with LumenVox

How to Seamlessly Voice-Enable your Application with LumenVox


Originally published on CX Today, authored by Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne

One of the biggest challenges that companies face in maintaining relationships with customers is ensuring interactions are as smooth as possible. This is a problem that businesses continue to wrestle with, especially as platforms continue to emerge as places to engage with customers. As technology evolves, people can interact with businesses through their preferred channels, such as chatbots, Facebook or WhatsApp, while others may choose to make a phone call.

The success of these interactions depends upon how comfortable each customer is with the technology they are using, suggesting there is a learning curve to use these mediums effectively. The alternative, however, is voice-enabling applications and services, which LumenVox Founder and CEO, Edward Millersays offer a much more intuitive interaction.

“At LumenVox, we provide the technology to platform providers that enable them to deliver an ideal customer experience,” Miller said.

“We make it easy for enterprises to voice-enable their applications by leveraging much of a company’s existing infrastructure and our technology. We deliver this in an easy, economical, risk-free manner compared to building a private voice recognition system.”

Miller continued: “Developers and service providers can voice-enable applications critical to delivering a successful customer experience. And they can do this with a high level of performance and accuracy, all while reducing the challenges associated with implementing such a technology.”

What Makes LumenVox Unique in a Crowded Speech Recognition Market?

LumenVox draws on more than 20 years of experience illuminating voices and transforming customer communication. LumenVox offers flexible, affordable software that gives businesses the capabilities to deliver superior voice services. At the heart of LumenVox’s technology stack is how it enables enterprises to leverage voice to provide the best experience to their customers. Whether that’s in the public or private cloud or on-premises, developers can decide precisely how they use LumenVox’s technology.

Dialect Free

At the core of LumenVox’s software portfolio is the ability to process audio for actionable results. LumenVox has developed a range of lexicons to understand what is being said, extending through different languages into regional accents, phrases and pronunciations to ensure a high accuracy rate. These lexicons are consistently improving using AI and machine learning (ML) to ensure that the end-users are always understood, and developers can deliver the voice services they want to offer.

Frictionless Security

LumenVox offers automatic speech recognition (ASR), voice biometrics and natural language processing within one technology stack. Not only can businesses perform functions based on the audio (e.g., transcriptions), but they can also run authentication and validation processes in the background to verify that the customer is who they say they are. As a result, developers gain a frictionless way of increasing security during customer interactions.

Efficient Responses

As previously mentioned, LumenVox provides a single containerized technology stack for ASR and voice biometrics. The flexibility of this allows for optimal performance and autonomy. The resulting output is easy to process and integrate, reducing the time that the response takes to get to the end user.

The Convenience of Voice

Now that digitization has altered our customer service expectations, integrating voice capabilities into applications will improve the end-to-end customer experience that companies aim to provide. With a variety of choices, Miller said that customers make a conscious decision to interact using their voice based on convenience. Therefore, it is important that developers provide the quick and easy experience that the end user is looking for by using the right ASR and voice biometrics technology.

“The use of voice has traditionally been convenient when calling a company and speaking with an agent. When customers call and interface with an application, they expect the same intuitive experience that a person can provide them,” Miller said.

“Voice-enabled applications are a great way to introduce a smoother, easier customer interface. By seeking out an ASR and voice biometrics provider like LumenVox, businesses can be sure they are providing the best experience to their customers.”

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