LumenVox Training Overview

LumenVox Specialized Training

Let us help you get the most out of your speech recognition software! Courses cover subjects such as Speech Application Design, API Development, Speech Application Tuning, and many others. These courses give developers and business personnel opportunities to learn about speech development on our premises or via live webinar. International customers have the option to break up full day classes in order to accommodate time zone differences.

LumenVox training is key to accelerating your learning curve. Through a combination of presentations and hands-on exercises, our courses provide the details of creating and maintaining applications. In these courses, you will learn solutions to real problems encountered during actual application design, development, deployment, tuning, marketing, and selling.

What to Expect

LumenVox training will give you the guidance you need to successfully design, develop, deploy, and refine your applications. We tailor our training to meet your particular needs.

Who Should Attend

People responsible for developing, maintaining, marketing, and/or selling LumenVox speech recognition technology will benefit. Also, anyone with an interest in designing, developing, tuning, testing, or maintaining any speech telephony system.

About the Instructors

Our team of expert instructors is committed to your success. Every LumenVox instructor has a background in computer telephony, application development, and speech recognition. We are familiar with the development challenges you will encounter on a daily basis and will offer solutions to routine problems, as well as creative approaches to not-so-routine problems.

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