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LumenVox Expands Partnership with Cisco to Transform Customer Experiences

LumenVox expands partnership with Cisco


Collaboration accelerates the time-to-market of voice-enabled solutions in the contact center with highly accurate, flexible speech recognition.

LumenVox has expanded its partnership with Cisco to enhance voice experiences to offer its customers the entire LumenVox Speech Experience engine to deliver more personalized, engaging, and efficient customer interactions.

“The evolution of our partnership with Cisco reinforces the increased demand that LumenVox is experiencing for robust voice-enabled solutions,” said Ed Miller, CEO LumenVox. “Our unique approach to delivering voice technology enables companies, regardless of size, to create powerful, highly accurate voice-driven customer experiences in any environment without breaking the bank.”

LumenVox delivers unparalleled customer support worldwide, without competing with its partners for professional services. The company provides industry-leading accuracy, voice technology at scale, a proven track record of unbeatable total cost-of-ownership, and future-proof products designed to help enterprises ramp up voice-enabled apps quickly and stay agile going forward.

LumenVox delivers significantly better accuracy in comparison to other AI-driven speech ASR engines in the market. The LumenVox Voice Experience offers:

  • ASR with Transcription, the cornerstone of the LumenVox software portfolio that operates on a foundation of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning (ML) to deliver highly accurate and flexible voice technology. The ASR accelerates the ability to add new languages and dialects and provides a modern toolset to expand the language model to serve a more diverse base of users.
  • Text–to–Speech (TTS) software that provides TTS synthesis and turns written text into speech, allowing companies to turn chatbots into voicebots, as an example.
  • Call Progress Analysis (CPA) provides payload delivery technology that delivers outbound messages by detecting answering machine and voicemail tones. CPA supports hundreds of millions of transactions per month and is one of the most reliable answering machine detection technologies on the market today.
  • Voice Biometrics enables partners to rely less on interrogations and knowledge-based questions and more on biometric identification. LumenVox can safely authenticate customers within the  Interactive Voice Response (IVR), on a mobile device, or when talking with a live agent, in multiple languages with less effort.

Through LumenVox’s state-of-the-art toolset customers can perform tuning and transcription, parameter, grammar and version upgrade testing for any speech recognition application. The toolset helps customers avoid the burden of expensive, time-consuming professional service fees when they need to augment any speech enabled application. Customers who want to migrate to the LumenVox ASR can take advantage of the toolset to migrate over 80% of grammars and confidence values with relative ease.    

For partners, LumenVox delivers unique value in the following ways:

  • Trusted partner: Customer success is the number one priority, and LumenVox works tirelessly to deliver unparalleled support to customers worldwide. In addition, LumenVox doesn’t compete with its partners for professional services.
  • Industry leading accuracy: Not only does LumenVox deliver industry-leading accuracy, but it’s easy to quickly add new languages and accents through a single language model approach.
  • Voice technology at scale: LumenVox’s speech and voice capabilities deliver the highest level of accuracy in the industry at scale.
  • Unbeatable Total-cost-of-ownership (TCO): LumenVox has a proven track-record of helping customers ​achieve exceptional results in less time and at a lower cost.
  • Future-proof speech technology: LumenVox makes it easy for companies to start building new voice experiences and stay agile with a cloud-agnostic, future-proof solution.

To learn more about LumenVox, visit us at WebexOne on October 26-27, 2021 or set up time with one of our experts here.

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