Businesses Expect More From Speech Technologies – And Rightfully So


By Dan Miller | Lead Analyst and Founder, Opus Research Just one year ago in response to an executive survey, Opus Research found businesses were significantly underutilizing (80%) “voice data” that was captured and analyzed. Well, that didn’t take long to remedy. When asked a similar question in a survey this year, we witnessed a […]

ASR’s Renaissance Calls for an Innovation Engine

ASR’s Renaissance Calls for an Innovation Engine

By Scott Baker | Senior Analyst, Opus Research Voice has found new life as we enter the new year. Enterprises and their customers have high expectations for solutions that closely link accurate speech recognition, human-like text-to-speech renderings, natural language understanding (NLU), and voice biometrics to serve specific, or even multiple, use cases. ASR has grown […]

Processing the Big Claim: The Benefits of Automated Audio-to-Text Transcription

There’s no disputing that insurance companies manage a mountain of recorded audio files. From adjusters recording claimants and interviews with eyewitnesses, to conversations with medical, legal and insurance professionals, the sheer number of these captured verbal records can be overwhelming, especially when your claims team processes hundreds of claims a month. Imagine how much time […]

Taking Advantage of Conversational AI to Deliver Meaningful Customer Experiences

Taking advantage of Conversational AI to deliver meaningful customer experiences

Enterprises across every industry vertical are investing in conversational AI. Contact centers have the unique distinction of being at the intersection of people, processes, and technologies in every enterprise. As such, contact centers need conversational AI now, more than ever. These conversational AI applications and solutions can be catered to various needs depending on what […]

The Age of Voice Innovation, Part II: What Keeps You Up at Night

The Age of Voice Innovation Part II What Keeps You Up at Night

In the follow-up to “The Age of Voice Innovation, Part I: Attributes of the New Engine” webinar, we are excited to bring you Part II in the series. Voice has remained pervasive for business communications, and it is especially having an impact in this Age of Digital Transformation. However, voice poses major challenges for Contact […]

Strengthening the Customer Experience with Automatic Speech Recognition

Strengthening the Customer Experience with Automatic Speech Recognition

With companies rapidly evolving and seeking more voice-enabled applications to deliver powerful experiences, LumenVox was pleased to recently discuss the benefits organizations can see when utilizing an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine with extremely accurate transcription, flexibility, and high availability. The Power of Speech ASR’s everyday applications are vast, and it’s transforming how multiple industries […]

Why is Good Speech Recognition so Hard to Find?

Why Is Good Speech Recognition So Hard to Find

As an organization that interacts with customers through speech applications, the quality of your speech recognition technology can make or break your CX.  In an ideal world, communicating with technology via speech would be as easy and natural as conversing with a human. This would make it so simple to access information and services remotely. […]

Everything You Didn’t Know About Speech Recognition

Everything You Didn’t Know About Speech Recognition

With smart speakers and virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant part of our everyday lives, most of us understand the concept of voice-enabled technology. But how does speech recognition fit into this landscape and, more importantly, what value can it offer your business?   What is Speech Recognition? The goal of speech […]

Make sure your customers’ voices are heard

LumenVox & VoiceTrust Merger

Most people today—whether they are your customers or employees—want intuitive, frictionless experiences when they use your voice-driven solutions. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) can help you save time, ramp up efficiency and scale services in your contact center and many other scenarios. However, not all ASR solutions can deliver experiences that measure up to customer expectations. […]

Text-Based Chatbots vs. Voice-Enabled Chatbots: Which Is the Future?

The Future of Chatbots

Chatbots are fundamentally changing the way that companies create customer experiences. In the contact center, for example, chatbots have the potential to handle routine requests and increase speed to resolution. They can also give agents more time to focus on complex or higher-value interactions, with a long-term positive impact on customer relationships.   According to a […]

Designing a Successful Outbound Call Campaign

Designing a Successful Outbound Call Campaign

A successful outbound call campaign is a powerful weapon to add to your sales arsenal. In today’s world of marketing emails and robocalls, a personalized phone call can be a breath of fresh air. To ensure that your customers and leads receive calls that are relevant to them, follow these 4 tips. 4 Tips for […]

The Top 3 Ways a Speech Attendant Benefits Your Business

Top 3 Ways a Speech Attendant Benefits Your Business

Speech-enabled automated attendants are a must-have for any customer service strategy. In the age of Siri and Alexa, customers have come to expect automated, speech-based service. ComScore reports that more than half of all smartphone users are engaging with voice search technology in 2020. In 2020 we announced Interactive Northwest Inc.’s (INI) release of Interactive […]