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Migrating Off Nuance in 4 Easy Steps


Now that Microsoft has completed its acquisition of Nuance, many customers are looking for a new automatic speech recognition (ASR) provider.

Perhaps they don’t want to move their data to the Azure cloud. Or maybe the inflexible pricing model won’t work for their business.

Regardless, these Nuance refugees are looking for a quick and easy way to migrate to a new platform without interrupting their business operations.

Here are the 4 easy steps to move from Nuance to LumenVox:

1. Test in the lab (1-3 weeks)

The simplest way to confirm your decision to switch providers is to install LumenVox in a test environment to see how it performs.

If you are on the Avaya Experience Portal, just point it at the LumenVox media server for testing. We have helpful documentation no matter which platform you’re using.

Most of the time, it just works. In the rare instance when it requires additional tweaking, we have a speech tuner tool available. The tuner can help you identify any non-standard grammars, modify them and test your changes.

Once you’ve got it properly configured, have your testers or developers call in and exercise the new ASR. Say different names, try all the menus out, and run it through all your business scenarios.

2. Go into production (1 month)

Now it’s time to take the software into production.

Do some A/B testing, running half your traffic through Nuance and half through LumenVox.

This is much safer to do than a hard cutover, and also gives you the chance to compare performance head to head.

3. Implement and fine tune (2 weeks)

Now it’s time to go live.

Do the final cutover in the middle of the night when there’s little traffic and no one will be disrupted.

Shut off Nuance and run all your call volume through LumenVox.

After six weeks, it’s safe to recycle your old Nuance machines.

Congrats, you’ve officially freed your speech.

4. Go into production (every 3-6 months)

As with all ASRs, it’s worth revisiting the grammars once or twice a year, the standard cycle for speech tuning.

It really is that easy.

There’s never been a better time to migrate from Nuance. The coming months will see the impact of the Microsoft purchase.

The restrictions on perpetual licenses are already here. How long before you’ll be asked to pick up and move to the Azure cloud?

Get ahead of it and move at your own pace with a partner who listens.

If you’re ready to take that first easy step, talk to one of our experts for a personal consultation.

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