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Home LumenVox helps to decrease the cost and complexity of developing and deploying speech recognition solutions.


Product Overview Our speech recognition technology is the building block of your successful speech solution. We have helped hundreds of call centers, VXML (VoiceXML) platform providers, IVR developers, system integrators and IP-PBX vendors achieve their goals.

Languages Supported We have dozens of language packs (combination of languages) for our speech recognition, synthesis and call progress solutions.

Speech Software Licensing Options As one of the most flexible providers of speech software licenses in the industry, we allow our customers to choose from perpetual, subscription, and use-based licensing along with bursting and hosting.

Automated Speech Recognizer (ASR)

Speech Recognizer Overview The Speech Recognizer provides you with a flexible API that performs speech recognition on audio data from any audio source on Linux or Windows.

ASR Features Find information on additional features, such as our flexible licensing options, supported standards, speech grammars, VAD, and n-Best results.

ASR Technical Summary LumenVox can help you determine which hardware resources would be the best fit for your speech application program.

Sizing Deployments With specialized testing tools, LumenVox has been able to come up with a general guide to help determine the number of ports that can run simultaniously on a given machine.

ASR Training Provides the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully design and create custom solutions with LumenVox's Speech Recognizer.

ASR Software Development Kit Provides everything needed to get started using the LumenVox Speech Recognizer.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Text-to-Speech Server Overview The LumenVox TTS Server is a complimentary solution to our Speech Recognizer, enabling your application to synthesize the most natural sounding speech on the market.

TTS Features Find information on additional features, such as speech synthesis, voice packages, standards support, and distributed cliet/server architecture.

TTS Technical Summary LumenVox can help you determine appropriate hardware needs based on how many concurrent syntheses you will be generating.

TTS Training Provides the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully design and implement custom applications using the LumenVox Text-to-Speech Server.

TTS Software Development Kit Provides everything needed to get started using the LumenVox Text-to-Speech Server.

Call Progress Analysis

Call Progress Analysis Overview LumenVox's new Call Progress Analysis increases the effectiveness of your outbound messaging application. Built on and replacing our existing Answering Machine Detection (AMD) technology, this new solution increases its reach beyond detecting answering machine and voicemail tones.

Call Progress Analysis Features Find information on additional features, such as tone-based detection, proven technology, product familiarity, standards support, and scalable deployments.

Call Progress Analysis Technical Summary The hardware resources required by the LumenVox Call Progress Analysis feature are similar to that of our Speech Recognizer. We can help you determine which hardware resources would be the best fit for your speech application program.

Call Progress Analysis Training Provides the knowledge and skills necessary to incorporate the LumenVox Call Progress Analysis into your outbound application and determine if the call was answered by a human or a machine.

Call Progress Analysis Software Development Kit Provides everything needed to get started using the LumenVox CPA Server.

Speech Tuner

Speech Tuner Overview The Speech Tuner is the only fully integrated, multi-ASR maintenance tool that allows you to perform speech application tuning and testing in-house.

Call Browser The LumenVox Speech Tuner Call Browser grants users the ability to quickly choose and listen to a specific interaction, and export the audio file all from one window.

Grammar Tester Make changes to grammars, parameters, or ASR engines, secure in the knowledge that those changes will make the application better, faster, and more accurate.

Transcriber Analyze how callers interact with your system by calculating automatic performance measurements such as in-grammar or out-of-grammar rates and recognition accuracy.

Tuner Features Find information on additional features, such as application tuning, database loading, call browser, grammar tester, transcriber, and TTS engine support.

Speech Tuner Application Zone This portal provides downloads to a variety of resources helpful to anyone building Asterisk applications using the LumenVox Speech Recognizer.

Speech Tuner Training Provides the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully test, transcribe, and tune any speech solution based on LumenVox's Speech Recognition Engine or Nuance 8.5 platforms.

Product Help Files

Speech Recognizer Help Full on-line description of the Speech Recognizer.

Speech Tuner Help Full on-line description of the Speech Tuner.

Product Information PDF's

Speech Recognizer PDF Information on our Speech Recognizer.

Text-to-Speech PDF Information on our Text-to-Speech Server.

Call Progress Analysis PDF Information on our Call Progress Analysis.

Tone Detection Specifications PDF Information on our Call Progress Analysis's Tone Detection.


Services Overview LumenVox provides several services to help you take your speech application to the next level, including hosting, professional services, transcription, training, and technical support.

LumenVox Speech Solutions

Speech Solutions LumenVox has successfully deployed solutions in Banking Applications, Call Centers, Outbound Dialing, Teleconfrencing and Automotive. Check out our solutions showcase to listen to recordings of live applications, or test out some of our demos.


Partners Overview LumenVox recognizes that a successful speech recognition solution involves the technology and expertise of companies whose products and services work in symbiotic harmony with ours. We work with worldwide-known hardware and software providers, such as servers, Intel/Dialogic hardware, text-to-speech engines, voice verification and more.

Partner Application We provide custom referrals to our Partners. If you are interested in becoming a LumenVox Partner, please contact us.


General LumenVox is committed to provide relevant and useful information about our products and the speech recognition history on a whole.


Types of Speech Recognition Speech recognition is used in a wide range of applications.

State of the Industry Get an accurate understanding of the current state of the speech industry.

Voice Talent The Voice of your speech recognition application is really your company's first representative and interface to the customer.

Prompt Tips A few guidelines to follow when you are developing prompts for your speech recognition system Phonemes The unit of sound the recognition engine actually recognizes is the phoneme.

Transcription and Speech Training Accurate speech recognition transcription and tuning is essential.

History of Speech Recognition A brief overview of the history of speech recognition.

Psychology of Speech Communication Speech is the most basic, common and efficient form of communication.

Alternate Pronunciations Considering alternate pronunciations and spellings at the outset will help avoid errors and frustration later.

Effective Speech App Design Much of the internal work is in the design phase: building the call flow, creating grammars, recording prompts, and conducting usability testing.

How to Tune Grammars There are many places to make effective changes, but generally, we have found grammars to be the easiest and most effective place to start.

Common Prompt Tuning Issues Effective prompt design takes time and practice — some errors will not present themselves until the prompts are tested.

Practical Guide to Tuning To give and idea of how much time tuning can take, the speech industry estimates that 40-50% of total development and deployment time should be spent on the tuning process.

Error Handling Make your speech recognition system more efficient and usable by optimizing error handling.

Download and Installation Instructions

Windows Speech Engine

Linux Speech Engine

LumenVox Speech Engine for Asterisk

Speech Tuner

Tech Bulletins

Archive LumenVox tech bulletins detail new features and additions to LumenVox speech recognition products, and how those changes can be used by developers to better their speech applications.

Case Studies

Redmond Software Case Study Read how LumenVox worked to improve speech recognition in a challenging in-car system for General Motors.

ATA Retail Services Case Study ATA Retail Services Speech Recognition Order Processing System.

SandCherry Case Study LumenVox and SandCherry Speech Enable 2-way Radio Networks.

Ottawa Heart Institute Case Study Helping Doctors Treat Patients.

Demos Take a test drive and experience speech recognition for yourself! Call our toll-free demo line at 877-977-0707 and say "demo" when the system answers.

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