Call Progress Analysis CPA

Call Progress Analysis

LumenVox's new Call Progress Analysis (CPA) increases the effectiveness of your outbound messaging application. Built on and replacing our existing Answering Machine Detection (AMD) technology, this new solution increases its reach beyond detecting answering machine and voicemail tones.

Play the video above for a visual representation of how it works!

It now analyzes the audio during call startup, scanning for telephony messaging tones. When the call is connected, it automatically begins to listen for fax or voicemail tones. With it, you can rest assured that your predictive dialer or IVR is getting the right message to the desired recipient more accurately than ever.

A Unique Approach

Our tone-based detection represents a significant innovation compared to many other energy-based answering machine detection technologies. Most systems guess whether the call is connected to a human based on energy levels and timing queues, resulting in unacceptably inaccurate messaging applications.

The LumenVox Call Progress Analysis solution leverages the strength of our Speech Recognizer by constantly listening for various tones, just as it would when performing speech recognition. These are compared to special acoustic models for matches, similar to our ASR's function. The result is more reliable and highly accurate message delivery.

Since LumenVox is listening for the beep, your outbound dialing application won't know it's connected to a voicemail system at the beginning of a call. Once the voicemail beep is detected, the application restarts playing its message or a custom voicemail message is played. Your message sounds more professional because it starts precisely where it should. Our tone detection is tested at over 98%* accuracy.

Available in the LumenVox Speech Recognizer, Call Progress Analysis is an effective method of verifying that an outbound call has been connected to a live person or an automated recording system.

The technology is compatible with most voice platforms and PBX systems, and fully supported through the standards-based Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP). Since MRCP is supported by almost every major voice platform, it makes plugging the LumenVox Call Progress Analysis solution into your application simple.

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*98% measured in large scale testing, based on recordings of actual calls. Accuracy may vary.

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