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Password Reset

Leading Password Management

Web Based Reset

Users with a forgotten or locked-out password can resolve their password problems on their own using any web browser, their workstation login prompt, or a telephone.

Phone Based Reset

Users authenticate by providing a voice sample and once authenticated, users reset their own passwords without calling the help desk.


Token Based Reset

Users with RSA SecurID token can reset forgotten passwords/PINs with ease.

Drive Down Help Desk Costs & Reduce Support Calls

Enterprises that deploy LumenVox typically eliminate 85% or more of the password-related load on the help desk. Peak call volumes, especially after weekends and holidays, are dramatically reduced. Organizations can re-assign support staff from the help desk to focus on more critical business problems.

More importantly, LumenVox Password Reset helps customers regain thousands of hours of time that are lost when users wait, struggle, and then finally call the help desk to reset their forgotten or locked-out passwords.

Multifactor Authentication

Be sure all personal data and identity records are at all times protected from data breaches. These include email addresses, passwords, and PINs. Multifactor password reset helps you safeguard your customers’ and employees’ most valuable data with strong authentication where it’s needed.


Biometric Modalities

Voice and face. Authenticate users with a simple spoken passphrase or selfie.


Users may also authenticate with their security questions (knowledge based authentication) or text message.

How Password Reset Works

When Utilizing Voice Biometrics

Users Call

Users call or receive an automated call-back initiated from the Web or they open the mobile application. Repeat users can reset without calling the help desk.


Users are Tested

Users repeat a random set of words or a passphrase to give our system plenty of information to use during the authentication.



User’s voice is compared to the enrolled voiceprint.

Password is Reset

User’s password is reset upon successful verification.

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