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Passive Voice Biometrics


LumenVox Passive Voice Biometric Authentication Features

With over 18 years of experience in multi-modal biometric authentication, we are experts in distinguishing and authenticating your customers, employees and partners – easily and securely.


Language Independent

Whether your callers use an IVR or go directly to an agent, it doesn’t matter. LumenVox is passively listening to the conversation, and uses biometrics to authenticate the caller. We can even authenticate callers in the IVR.


Reduce Call Handling Time

How do you authenticate callers today? Do you ask a bunch of questions? Do they forget some of the answers? Authentication, the old way, can take a lot of time.

What if you could authenticate callers in the background, by simply listening to a normal conversation? That’s what Passive Authentication does. It uses voice biometrics to create a voiceprint of your customer. It compares that voiceprint to one on file. And, it authenticates customers while saving time on the phone.

Improve Customer Experience (CX)

According to a recent study, up to one third of people experience password rage when they forget a password or fail to login. Somewhere between 10 to 25% of your customers will not be able to authenticate based on KBAs.

A Different Way

Your customers will forget their passwords, but they won’t forget how to talk with you.

Security and Trust

When customers trust your company, they do business with you. When they don’t, well, you know what happens…


Reduce fraud exposure and Improve Security

Call centers are the weakest link. Hackers have figured that out, as well. That’s why call centers are targeted more and more on a daily basis. The use of multifactor authentication, like voice biometrics, does a better job of letting the good guys in and keeping the bad guys out.

Happy Agents

Authenticating callers can be frustrating. Not only does it take time, but it can be repetitive and lead to unhappy agents. Voice biometrics can lower that time. But, just as important, can lead to increased agent productivity and a happier workforce.

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We are confident that you will find even more features and resulting benefits from using our Passive Voice Biometric Solution.

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