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Asterisk Speech Application Zone

Code examples, grammars and tools for the Asterisk Community

Welcome to the Asterisk Speech Application Zone. This portal provides downloads to a variety of resources helpful to anyone building Asterisk applications using the LumenVox Speech Engine.

Live Weather Application

Author: Adrian Isles

The winning entry for the Application Contest for Q2, from Adrian Isles, is a speech-enabled application that can query the user for either the name of a city and state or a zip code, then return updated internet weather information for the location given.

Weather Application Example Code

Asterisk Dial Plan Pizza Demo

Author: Randal Rand

Here you will find the "original" pizza-ordering demo on Asterisk using the Dial Plan. Download Pizza Demo Prompts created by the voice of Asterisk, Allison Smith.

Asterisk Pizza Demo Example Code

Serving Up Java Code on Asterisk

Author: Steve Prior

Steve Prior, winner of the Application contest for Q1 2007 took the LumenVox pizza ordering demo and completely ported it to Java on Asterisk with original code!

Java on Asterisk Example Code

Simple Speech-enabled Call Router

Author: Stephen Keller

This simple speech-enabled call router by LumenVox helps to complete the basic speech demonstration that comes with the Asterisk Speech API.

Call Router Example Code

Sample Grammar of Blood Types

Author: Kenny Shumard

This sample grammar was created by Kenny Shumard of Digium to recognize human blood types.

Grammar of Blood Types Example Code

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