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Twilio will Utilize LumenVox for Voice-Enabled Customer Experiences

Twilio and LumenVox Partner


The integration between the two companies will provide customers with high-performing, speech-enabling technologies 

LumenVox, a leading provider of speech and voice technology, today announced the company will enable Twilio (NYSE:TWLO) (LTSE:NYSE), the leading cloud communications platform, to provide customer experiences with high-performing, speech-enabling technologies. The LumenVox Speech Experience will bolster Twilio’s Voice and Flex offerings.

“We are excited to work with Twilio to enable powerful voice experiences at scale,” said Edward Miller, Founder & CEO at LumenVox. “Similar to Twilio, LumenVox shares a vision to help organizations deliver improved customer experiences and enhanced engagement through speech-enabled applications.”

LumenVox’s software provides organizations with a comprehensive speech experience including speech recognition, voice biometrics and voice detection. Engineered to provide complete flexibility and scalability, LumenVox enables businesses to deliver personalized customer experiences by utilizing the power of speech and voice technology.

The LumenVox portfolio of speech-enabling software consists of:

  • Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) with Transcription operates on a foundation of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning (ML) to deliver high performing, future-proof voice and speech technology. The LumenVox ASR accelerates the ability to add new languages and dialects and provides a modern toolset to expand the language model to serve a more diverse base of users through its end-to-end Deep Neural Network (DNN) architecture. 
  • Call Progress Analysis (CPA) provides payload delivery technology that delivers outbound messages by detecting answering machine and voicemail tones. CPA supports hundreds of millions of transactions per month and is one of the most reliable answering machine detection technologies on the market today.  
  • Voice Biometrics enables businesses to rely less on interrogations and knowledge-based questions and more on biometric identification. LumenVox can safely authenticate customers within the IVR, on a mobile device or when talking with a live agent, in multiple languages.

To learn more about LumenVox, visit lumenvox.com, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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