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Fraud Detection

Identify Fraudulent Activity Before Transactions Occur


Proactively Detect & Intervene

LumenVox Fraud Detection allows fraud teams to detect suspected fraudsters and quickly intervene in these transactions, dramatically reducing the risk of fraud.


Advanced Algorithms

Using advanced voice biometric algorithms coupled with state-of-the-art neural networks, LumenVox Fraud Detection alerts Fraud Teams with a prioritized list of suspicious calls.

Tracking & Reporting Tools

Enable Fraud Teams to more actively track and report ongoing activity, collaborate between team members and distribute the workload among available staff.

Stopping Fraud in its Tracks

The LumenVox Fraud Detection Solution addresses one of the biggest problems facing companies at the moment. Exposure to fraudsters within their contact centers and digital channels.

Every day, millions of dollars are lost to fraudulent transactions, often undertaken through highly automated contact centers, with little or no risk to the fraudsters since relatively few tools are available to the Fraud Team to be able to detect and adequately address this form of interaction.

Increase Productivity

Dramatically reduce the number of calls that your Fraud Team needs to parse in order to find fraudsters, therefore allowing them to focus on suspicious calls, which are likely to only represent a small percentage of the overall calls, instead of listening to them all (which may not even be possible).


Built in Reporting

Manage calls, flag suspicious activity and provide notes for other team members to follow up as needed.



Allow agents to focus on providing excellent customer service instead of second guessing the callers intentions.

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