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Call Progress Analysis (CPA)


LumenVox Call Progress Analysis Features

The LumenVox Call Progress Analysis leverages our experience and technology in speech recognition so we can offer a groundbreaking alternative to traditional answering machine detection, ensuring the right message is delivered to the right recipient at the right time.


Innovative Use of Speech Recognition

Typical Answering Machine Detection (AMD) technology uses energy-based audio detection to information determination. This results in poor performance—cutoffs, incomplete messages, etc. In contrast, LumenVox CPA utilizes Speech Recognition technology, our Voice Activity Detection (VAD), to inform that determination with a sophisticated machine learning process to achieve exceptional accuracy.

Intelligent Determination

We take advantage of our Speech Recognition engine to detect the answering machine tone before indicating that it is time to leave the message. When leaving a message, this ensures that the full message is successfully delivered.

Standards Support

Let industry standards simplify development. LumenVox CPA can run on any modern Windows Server release or Linux Red Hat/CentOS 6 &7.

Media Server

supports MRCP Version 1 & 2.

Compliant With

any VoiceXML or CCXML platform that also supports MRCP.


Compatibility - Easy Development

We conform our technology to a set of industry standards that make it easy to integrate LumenVox CPA into your existing calling platform.


Scalable Deployments - Grow Your Business

Like all LumenVox software, LumenVox CPA is designed for scalability. Our distributed architecture allows for installations for up to tens of thousands of calls simultaneously.

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We are confident that you will find even more features and resulting benefits from using LumenVox Call Progress Analysis. If you have any questions on these or other desired capabilities, please contact LumenVox Sales.

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