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LumenVox Partner Skills Certification

LumenVox Partner Skills Certification


As a foundational component supporting our channel partners and partner-focused business model, LumenVox offers a Lumenvox Partner Skills Certification Program.
The Skills Certification process includes a training class and exam. The training provides basic knowledge transfer around LumenVox software and related tools. In the class, we provide partners with an overview and basic principles of how speech recognition and text-to-speech synthesis work. Partners learn how to install and configure LumenVox software with their voice application platform (IVR) of choice. They also learn how to troubleshoot installations using the LumenVox Dashboard and its built-in diagnostic tools. Then finally, partners are provided with an overview of the operations concerns, management & monitoring tools and the LumenVox Speech Tuner. The training is aimed at staff involved in solution design, delivery or support of solutions that include the use of LumenVox speech recognition, text-to-speech or call progress analysis in our Channel Partner ecosystem.

LumenVox has found that training helps build a stronger working relationship between LumenVox and our partners and ensures that our partners’ employees are comfortable and confident in their working knowledge of LumenVox products, helping to ensure smooth and successful delivery for our mutual customers.

The training consists of two sessions delivered via GoToWebinar. The sessions will run for 4 hours each day, beginning at 9:00 AM PST. After successfully completing the training classes partners are eligible to take the Lumenvox Partner Skills Certification exam to become a LumenVox Skills Certified professional and to gain Skills Certified status for their firm. Existing Skills Certified individuals are welcome to attend as a refresher as we regularly update the class materials to reflect new features in our product.

Any solution design, delivery or support staff are welcome to attend the class whether or not they intend to complete the certification process. The class is currently offered at no cost to any appropriate employee who works for one of our existing or new channel partners.

Should you choose to complete the actual Lumenvox Partner Skills certification process, the exam consists of 2 parts:

The Skills Interview that is designed to find out more about each candidate’s experiences with, and approaches to speech application development. It is a more of a free form conversation that focuses on the candidate, rather than a formal set of requirements.

The Application Presentation where the candidate will present a speech application that they have developed or contributed to. We expect to see some of the documentation regarding the application (including design elements like call flow diagrams, business requirements.

To receive an email invitation to register, contact your LumenVox Partner Manager or LumenVox Client Services at support@lumenvox.com or by phone at (858) 707-7700 and ask for Technical Support. They’ll be glad to provide you with the class details. This training class is generally offered twice yearly.

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