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LumenVox Official Sponsor at Service Management World

LumenVox Official Sponsor at Service Management World

We’re proud to announce we are back as an official sponsor of Service Management World: A Digital Experience. This exciting virtual event will be held July 21st-22nd. It’s going to be jam-packed with case studies, enlightening discussions, and networking opportunities so you can make your service exceed expectations.

What to know before you go to Service Management World

In today’s digital world, delivering world class customer and employee experiences is the key to keeping business goals on track. We are excited to share what LumenVox can do to improve the service management experience by way of our voice recognition and password reset capabilities.

Come by the LumenVox digital expo booth to start a conversation. We are ready to talk all things #voice and exactly how LumenVox can propel digital transformation leveraging this cutting-edge technology.

Bring your unique business case, and we will have LumenVox experts ready to engage.

What We are Featuring at Service Management World

LumenVox is taking voice to another level. Our technology empowers both customers and employees with self-service and automation within the help desk environment. We will be talking about several of our products that are breaking records, glass ceilings and winning over our customer and partners.

Taking Automatic Speech Recognition to the next level

LumenVox provides a streamlined way for customers to migrate off incumbent ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) engines by simplifying the migration of grammars and confidence values through its speech tuning capability to the new LumenVox ASR engine. Our ASR engine comes out-of-the-box with end-to-end recognition capabilities which is built on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Deep Neural Networks (DNN). That means it can train itself, learning specific audio of potential users to learn a wide range of phonetic representations for every word. LumenVox ASR is trained to recognize the most common variations of each word so that it can accurately recognize speech and consider many different pronunciations in a single language, as opposed to having to train according to each individual user. It is taking the complexity of human pronunciation and making it simple—in one easy-to-integrate, flexible ASR engine.

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis: Boosting Auto Dialer Accuracy with Artificial Intelligence

Our state-of-the-art Call Progress Analysis (CPA) is changing the game, breaking accuracy records, making billions of successful outbound calls per month. This technology leverages artificial intelligence to accurately detect live human vs. answering machine as well as tones, background noise and more. LumenVox CPA can be used to improve accuracy and boost contact center efficiency by enabling “intelligent” proactive outbound message delivery, predictive dialing, e-callbacks, virtual holds and more.

LumenVox Password Reset: The Ultimate Password, Using Voice Biometrics

Millions of personal identity records are compromised each year through data breaches that include email addresses, passwords, and PINS. Protect your employees and your software systems’ security with  LumenVox Password Reset for stronger security and authentication. Leveraging AI-driven voice biometrics, our technology enables employees to authenticate using the sound of their voice—across multiple channels, 24/7.

What Sets LumenVox Voice Technology Apart

Our voice technology is specially designed to integrate with existing footprints, which means you do not need to rip and replace. Instead, you can apply our technology to expand features and improve functions to new and existing partner solutions. Each component is productized for rapid delivery and deployment. Our ecosystem & marketplace-enablement empowers our partners to innovate and differentiate—to take on competitors confidently and disrupt the market.

Our relationship skills are the only things that surpass our technical skills. We a long history of reliable, trusted partnerships. We ensure our technology is proven and innovative, providing immediate value.

Interested to learn more about how LumenVox can help you deliver better customer and employee experiences?

LumenVox to Sponsor Genesys Xperience 2021

LumenVox to Sponsor Genesys Xperience 2021

LumenVox to be a Featured Sponsor at Genesys Xperience 2021

Now more than ever, it is becoming clear that consumers prefer digital-first interactions which are setting a new standard that requires customer experiences to be consistent, predictive and proactive across every touchpoint. To forge stronger connections, organizations must evolve how they are engaging their users through intelligent experiences – whether that is through IVR, text, voice, chat or social – to develop lifetime brand loyalty.

Meet up with LumenVox at Genesys Xperience Virtual Event

Xperience 2021 is a two-day virtual customer experience event being held on June 23-24. Attendees from around the globe will include Genesys customers and prospects, industry visionaries, and partners ― coming together to share and learn about new strategies for deploying AI-driven customer experiences innovations within the Genesys platform. Xperience 2021 is the one place to find everything you need to deliver highly personalized and secure customer experiences: the right experts; the right information; the right technology.

More than 80 industry thought leaders will share insights into the latest market trends and best practices for implementing the latest CX technologies.


  • Americas: 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM PT
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa: 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM GMT

How: Register now for free and to get access to session recordings

LumenVox + Genesys = Better Together

This year’s theme “The Power of Us” is a perfect way to describe the relationship between Genesys and LumenVox. Both are focused on delivering powerful customer experiences through secure, AI-driven speech recognition and voice biometric software.

As a long time Genesys partner, we are excited to be a featured sponsor at this year’s Xperience two-day virtual customer experience event. During these two days, you can find LumenVox speech and voice biometric experts ready to discuss the following topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Integration and 3rd Party Applications
  • Self-Service & IVR

Not only can you talk with the team from LumenVox, but anyone who visits our booth will have the opportunity to win one of two $100 Amazon gift cards.

SCHEDULE A MEETING: Want to schedule time with us? Drop us a note here.

Discover how LumenVox can enable your end-to-end customer experience

Create exceptional end-to-end customer experiences within your Genesys contact center by leveraging LumenVox’ AI-driven speech and voice biometrics software.

  • Deliver highly secure and scalable voice biometrics solutions. Reduce fraud, improve the customer experience and decrease agent handling time – all within your Genesys Cloud environment.
  • Increase IVR containment by allowing callers to self-service. Our ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) engine converts spoken audio into text, providing users with a more efficient way to interact with automated systems.
  • Speech-enable your telephony platform or software application. Text-to-Speech provides the voice output for conveying information to callers – further assisting with containment.

Stop by the LumenVox virtual booth

If you are looking to voice-enable your customer experience, drop by our virtual both, we would love to learn more about your use case. Drop us a note here to set up some time with one of our team members.

LumenVox Announces Upcoming Partner Skills Certification Technical Training

LumenVox Announces Upcoming Partner Skills Certification Technical Training

LumenVox is excited to announce our upcoming Partner Skills Certification technical training on June 15-16 from 9am-1pm PT/ 12pm-4pm ET each day. The training is open to all LumenVox partners at no cost. By enlisting in the training and certification path, we will ensure that your solution design and delivery teams are comfortable in their working knowledge of LumenVox products.

Should you register?

The training is targeted towards teams that are involved in solution design, delivery or support of solutions that include the use of LumenVox speech recognition, text-to-speech or call progress analysis. The training and certification are complimentary for any employee who works for one of our channel partners. Even if you aren’t interested in pursuing the certification, you are more than welcome to participate in the two half-day sessions.

What will be covered?

The technical training sessions include in-depth information on how to install and configure LumenVox’ Automated Speech Recognizer, Text-to-Speech and Call Progress Analysis; how to troubleshoot your installation using the LumenVox Dashboard as well as exciting product updates, including the LumenVox AI Gateway, Call Progress Analysis (CPA) enhancements and our next generation ASR engine.

We will also be diving into our new product offerings, including; the LumenVox Transcription Engine; LumenVox Biometric products; additional new security features, including Secure SIP; and updated deployment architecture material.

What are the benefits of becoming LumenVox Skills Certified?
By having at least one LumenVox Skills Certified employee, your organization is eligible for:

  • Joint marketing including a partner listing on com, sales and training presentations, and other collaborative marketing efforts.
  • LumenVox lab software at no cost (subscription basis, renewable annually) including LumenVox ASR, TTS software and one seat of the LumenVox Speech Tuner for use in your internal development and test lab.

What is the skills certification process?

The Skills Certification process consists of two parts:

  • The Skills Interview: Designed to find out more about each candidate’s experiences with, and approaches to speech application development. It is a more of a free form conversation that focuses on the candidate, rather than a formal set of requirements.
  • The Application Presentation: Candidate presents a speech application in which they have contributed to the development. We expect to see some of the documentation regarding the application (including design elements like call flow diagrams, business requirements).

Once you have passed the certification process, we will send over your free LumenVox software for use in your design and delivery labs. It’s that easy.

Are you ready to become a LumenVox Skills Certified partner? Register now!

P.S. – The first 30 registrants for the partner skills certification technical training will receive a Welcome snack box!

SpinSci and LumenVox Announce Partnership for PCP (+COVID) Scheduling Application

SpinSci and LumenVox Announce Partnership for PCP (+COVID) Scheduling Application

SpinSci Technologies, an innovator in the field of patient engagement solutions, announced that they have entered a strategic partnership with LumenVox, a market leader in voice recognition intelligence solutions, to deliver key integrations with Epic, a leading provider of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). The partnership will deliver highly secure patient engagement solutions while at the same time driving a highly efficient and heightened patient experience.

The joint offering between SpinSci and LumenVox will combine SpinSci’s key integration with Electronic Health Records such as Epic and LumenVox Speech technology and Active Voice Biometric Authentication. Both companies’ technologies are tested on the CVP platform which will drive added value and speed to service for existing and new Cisco customers. The integrations will drive workflow automation.

“The digitization of healthcare is gaining huge momentum right now. LumenVox’ modular technology approach enables SpinSci to easily integrate cutting-edge Speech Recognition to improve patient experience and just as easily integrate Voice Biometric Authentication to enhance security, helping to ensure HIPAA compliance. Through this partnership we want to give practices and their patients convenience, security, and peace of mind.” said Edward Miller, Founder & CEO of LumenVox.

SpinSci Chief Executive Officer Rajit Kumar said, “Our strategic partnership with LumenVox will help drive a packaged solution for our ultimate customers, health systems and providers, which will drive patient engagement and improve their overall experience.”

About SpinSci Technologies
SpinSci Technologies was founded in 2005 and focuses on intuitive collaboration and contact center solutions and services primarily across the healthcare vertical, driving patient engagement and efficiencies. SpinSci solutions are now available on industry-leading marketplaces such as the Epic App Orchard, the Five9 Marketplace, and the Salesforce AppExchnage. SpinSci is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

To learn more, contact us today.

What Does the Nuance Microsoft Acquisition Mean for the Voice Industry?

What Does the Nuance Microsoft Acquisition Mean for the Voice Industry?

Microsoft announced Monday, April 12th, 2021 that it is acquiring Nuance with a staggering $19.7 billion cash buy. The amount of the cash buy demonstrates the value and potential within voice technology and AI in a post-COVID world.

Nuance’s growth and reputation are tied directly to its success with speech recognition software, which uses deep learning to transcribe speech and improves its accuracy over time by adapting to a user’s voice. The focus of this acquisition is the acceleration of digital transformation for the healthcare industry. The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, specifically called out the potential and highlighted it as the key driver of the acquisition.

“When you think about the provider market… digital tech is going to be the key,” he told CNBC.

The interesting point about this acquisition is that Nuance already has Microsoft’s Azure woven into its software. In 2019, Nuance and Microsoft joined forces on a healthcare stack that included speech recognition and processing, clinical documentation, decision support, and Azure AI and natural language tools. Now, with this acquisition, Nuance and Microsoft are sure to integrate fully.

With this news, LumenVox, more than ever, is committed to a stack with flexibility, which is why:

With cutting-edge AI, speech recognition, and other valuable tools we enable all industries by empowering our partners.

Our technology is universally applicable so that any size organization, with any existing technology, can integrate our entire stack conveniently and cost-effectively. To learn more, contact us today.

LumenVox’ Take on the Total Experience Featured in Speech Technology Magazine

LumenVox’ Take on the Total Experience Featured in Speech Technology Magazine

Since 2009, Speech Technology Magazine has been the premier online destination for comprehensive, independent coverage of information impacting speech technologies. This year LumenVox is proud to have a white paper featured, addressing exactly how businesses can leverage speech technology to take on the Total Experience.

What’s Total Experience? Total Experience (TX) refers to the entire company experience – employee, customer, and user. It takes a 360-degree look at a business to identify gaps and fill them, and it ties the critical pieces together—people and technology.

Now that it’s 2021, reality has set in: The business environment is evolving and doing so rapidly. That means it’s critical organizations stay one step ahead of their customers and their competitors. A business’ technology must evolve in tandem—and that technology needs to address not just the Customer Experience (CX), but the Total Experience.

The truth is, though, that organizations are overwhelmed. Where do they start? How do they know which technology is really going to make an impact?

Speech technology is the ideal starting point because it can empower organizations to shift from enhancing CX to addressing and enriching the Total Experience. In this white paper, we outline exactly how speech technology can address major pain points including friction in the IVR, for employees and customers.

Read the full White Paper here.

Questions? Learn about the full suite of LumenVox technology here, or contact us!