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LumenVox Broadens Global Presence with Addition of EMEA Sales Director Bob Morgen

LumenVox Broadens Global Presence with Addition of EMEA Sales Director Bob Morgen

LumenVox, a trusted global speech and authentication solutions provider, is pleased to announce that Bob Morgen has joined the LumenVox team as EMEA Sales Director. Based in London, Bob brings expanded coverage for the LumenVox European branch, which has seen significant increases in staffing and growth over the past six months.

Well established in the speech and authentication industry, Bob has been working to bring applied artificial intelligence into business since the 1980s, first at the Stanford Research Institute and then as a founder of Nuance Communications. Bob has led sales of AI solutions such as Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, Expert Systems, Belief Networks, and Neural Networks. Bob has a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Mathematics from the University of California.

“We’re excited to welcome Bob. He is an excellent addition to the LumenVox team, particularly to the EMEA sales team.” stated Edward Miller, CEO of LumenVox. “We look forward to utilizing his expertise to further our mission of providing world-class multifactor authentication, speech recognition, and text-to-speech solutions on a global scale.”

About LumenVox

LumenVox, a speech automation solutions company with over 18 years’ experience, recently integrated and merged with VoiceTrust and is a trusted global total speech solutions provider with a comprehensive stack of speech, multifactor and multimodal biometric technology. Based on industry standards, LumenVox’ core speech technology is certified as one of the most accurate, natural sounding, and reliable solutions in the industry. The LumenVox technology provides tools for you to effectively deploy speech-enabled applications to improve the Call Center CX and ROI with LumenVox’ flexible, cost-effective software suite.

New Partnership Between LumenVox and MODIS Delivers Custom Voice And Biometric Authentication

New Partnership Between LumenVox and MODIS Delivers Custom Voice And Biometric Authentication

MODIS ITO and LumenVox announced their partnership to offer customer tailored speech and biometric authentication services to companies. With the IT outsourcing and hosting capabilities, MODIS is the ideal partner for automated, multimodal tools to improve service efficiency, usability and security for IT services in all branches.

Hosting a biometric platform with LumenVox, MODIS can provide authentication solutions designed for businesses that have decided to outsource their IT, and concentrate on their own strengths. “LumenVox is pleased to have MODIS ITO as a partner for serving enterprises with authentication services. Our partnership serves the specific needs of the clients in a certified environment within Europe, while meeting the strict GDPR regulations and requirements nowadays,” stated Bettina Stearn, Managing Director, Europe LumenVox.

Martin Wimmer, Managing Director MODIS ITO, said, “With this partnership, we take another bold step forward towards enhancing user experience. The LumenVox solution is an excellent addition to our contact channels for more self-service based on cutting edge technology. By creating automated user-friendly processes, efficiency and customer satisfaction can be continuously improved.”

On June 5-6, both companies will be present at the annual Service Desk and Service Management World in Cologne, Germany and showcase the solutions.

To learn more, visit our websites https://ito.modis.de or www.LumenVox.com.

If you’d like to learn more about our Password Reset solution, view our recent webinar

About MODIS IT Outsourcing GmbH:
MODIS ITO supports clients with consulting, design, implementation and operation of IT services. Based on their experience of more than 100 realized projects, profound IT service management knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies MODIS ITO provides clients of any industry all around the globe with high-class IT support. They can act as co-partner by integrating their services into existing client structures as well as full-service provider with end-to-end responsibility for certain processes or the complete IT support service.

**** Um diese Ankündigung auf Deutsch zu sehen, besuchen Sie bitte: https://www.openpr.de/news/1049992/Kundenspezifische-Sprach-und-biometrische-Authentifizierung.html


LumenVox Wins Speech Technology Magazine’s People’s Choice Awards 2019

LumenVox Wins Speech Technology Magazine’s People’s Choice Awards 2019

-LumenVox Receives Top Recognition for Speech Solutions, Named Top Speech Biometrics Vendor in the Speech Technology Magazine’s People’s Choice Awards 2019-

Last month, while at SpeechTEK in Washington D.C., LumenVox had the distinct honor of being named the #1 Speech Biometrics vendor in the Speech Technology Magazine’s People’s Choice Awards 2019. With our comprehensive stack of speech solutions, LumenVox was also acknowledged as the 2nd favorite vendor in the Speech Recognition category.


Speech Technology Magazine’s People’s Choice Awards showcase their readers’ favorite tools and platforms in the speech technology industry. With the votes cast by the people who use and work with voice-based technology every day, these awards are a testament to our ability to enable organizations to meet the highest standards of customer experience, productivity and security.

“LumenVox has deployed a multitude of call center identification and authentication applications, such as automated password reset, using speech biometrics, including active/passive authentication and fraud prevention to organizations worldwide,” stated Edward Miller, CEO of LumenVox. “To be recognized by the people who use our solutions is an honor.”

“The voters turned out in droves to tell us which companies they think deserved to be honored in the People’s Choice Awards. They chose a worthy group of winners at the forefront of the industry. Congratulations to the 2019 People’s Choice Awards winners,” stated Theresa Cramer, Editor, Speech Technology Magazine.

While we were at SpeechTEK we had a number of great conversations with attendees about our complete stack of speech and speaker recognition technology. With the inclusion of multi-modal biometric authentication, password reset and passive voice biometrics into our product offerings, we’re excited to provide solutions that can: 

  • reduce costs
  • improve the customer experience (CX)
  • enhance security and decrease fraud
  • provide frictionless, more convenient interactions with the added benefit of reduced agent frustration

If you’d like to learn more about our speech and authentication solutions and why the readers of Speech Technology Magazine voted us as the #1 Speech Biometrics vendor and #2 Speech Recognition vendor, contact us today; we’d love to chat!

Konectiv and LumenVox Enter New Partnership – Konectiv Becomes LumenVox Skills Certified

Konectiv and LumenVox Enter New Partnership – Konectiv Becomes LumenVox Skills Certified

LumenVox and Konectiv announced today that Konectiv has officially become a LumenVox Skills Certified Partner. LumenVox Partner Skills Certification demonstrates Konectiv’s capability to deliver high-quality speech solutions based on the LumenVox speech automation suite. Konectiv, a developer and support provider of speech-enabled applications on major IVR and intelligent conversational systems, utilises the LumenVox Natural Language Processing (NLP) and provides a wide range of services including: VUI and application design, development, testing, deployment, tuning, reporting, support and ongoing managed services for speech and chatbot applications.

“LumenVox is pleased to have Konectiv as a global speech innovator, providing directed and NLU speech and chatbot applications as well as support in the contact center and intelligent virtual assistant environments,” stated Ed Miller, LumenVox CEO.

Alex Waterman Sales Director EMEA, Konectiv said, “We are tackling some of the industry’s biggest challenges today – how to increase customer happiness, reduce friction in customer service and deliver higher ROI than ever before. And we are doing all this without asking contact centers to migrate their hardware or software. The LumenVox solution will integrate directly into their existing platform.”

The underlying technology is a key delivery factor. LumenVox connects the customer touch points and transitions the user between channels, passing data as required. This is a true omnichannel result.

To learn more, join us for a free webinar on Tuesday, April 30 as our subject matter experts discuss how speech-enabled self-service utilizes LumenVox to enable human-like interactions with IVR systems. By allowing customers to state their demands in plain language without using a touch-tone menu, Konectiv Solutions has enabled IVR systems to provide several benefits both for organizations and customers; including reduced organizational costs and improved customer experience.

Register in advance for this webinar:


About Konectiv Solutions: 
Konectiv is part of the Speech-Soft Solutions LLC Group of Companies, which was founded in 2003. It’s a global company, spanning three continents and employing over 140 people. It specializes in speech, omnichannel, contact center, and AI technologies. Konectiv is led by three directors with 75 years’ experience in and around the contact center world. Their mission is to use their specialist knowledge, understanding and a real drive to help to eliminate lost revenue through poor implementation of systems. For more information, visit konectivcx.com.

Key Takeaways from the 2019 HDI Conference and Expo

Key Takeaways from the 2019 HDI Conference and Expo

You are not alone in your helpdesk woes! This year’s HDI Conference and Expo featured a great presentation that highlighted Support Organizations’ Top Goals and Challenges. Yes, each organization may have their own set of unique specifics, but there are many general commonalities.

We’ll admit, as a first-time attendee and exhibitor at the conference, we were a bit nervous but, as soon as we saw the list of challenges and goals presented, we knew we were in the right place! Many of the top items are precisely the reason our customers turn to LumenVox for their speech-enabled application and/or authentication needs. Here’s a quick rundown, along with a note on how LumenVox can meet your organization’s goals:

Top 10 Challenges and Goals of Service and Support Professionals – As listed by HDI Conference and Expo

  1. Managing an increased workload with existing staff (“doing more with less”) – Our solutions are all about automation! Not for the sake of eliminating the human element but in order to enable staff to focus on other tasks, such as providing quality service to end users who may be unable to self-service. From industry-leading speech recognition, world-class multifactor authentication, and a comprehensive password reset solution, LumenVox offers a flexible and cost-effective suite.
  2. Implementing new technologies – We guide you through the planning and deployment process, making implementation a breeze, and are well known for our outstanding customer service.
  3. Hiring, training, and recruiting the staff needed to succeed – We won’t be able to act as your recruiter but, we most certainly can make sure your current staff is up to speed on our technology. We offer robust documentation and a team of knowledgeable experts.
  4. Increasing analyst/technician productivity and efficiency – The time gained when support staff is no longer required to deal with mundane tasks, such as resetting passwords, is exponential. One LumenVox customer increased productivity by over 100,000 hours per year when password resets were shortened from 4.5 hours to 15 minutes!
  5. Successfully implementing knowledge management – While we do not provide a knowledge management solution, we are more than willing to provide support responses for our technologies so your organization may quickly and efficiently address any questions about the implemented LumenVox solution(s).
  6. Increasing/improving employee engagement and morale – When employees see solutions in place, such as those from LumenVox, that take some of the burden off them, morale and engagement increase. It goes back to the first point of “doing more with less,” employees shouldn’t have to do more.
  7. Consistently measuring and improving customer satisfaction – We take your organization’s internal and external customer satisfaction very seriously but, you don’t just have to take our word for it. We have an NPS score of 88, more than 18 years in business, and over 3,000 organizations that utilize our suite of speech and authentication solutions for their internal and external customers.
  8. Integrating existing IT systems – We are fully capable of integrating with your existing system and may even be a current partner of some of your system providers.
  9. Securing the necessary budget/funding support – Here’s one of the great things about LumenVox, you won’t need to break the bank when you are implementing our cost-effective solutions with proven ROI. For example, our Password Reset solution (highlighted during the HDI Conference and Expo) eliminates 85% or more of the password related load to the help desk. Typically, 30% of calls into helpdesks are for routine password resets, at an average cost upwards of $35 a call to resolve, making the cost savings significant! The same company that gained over 100,000 hours of productivity also reduced their helpdesk costs by 16%.
  10. Developing a user-friendly, and support-friendly, service catalog – While we will happily fit within your service catalog and can provide placement recommendations, developing service catalogs in not within our scope. We’ll stick with what we know best (speech + authentication) and leave service catalog development to someone else.


If any of these top 10 challenges and goals resonated with you and you’d like to learn more about the LumenVox helpdesk solution suite, contact us today!

We can’t wait until next year’s conference, re-branded as Support World Live, April 19-24, in Las Vegas!

Announcing LumenVox Version 17.0.200

Announcing LumenVox Version 17.0.200

LumenVox is excited to announce the release of LumenVox Version 17.0.200. In this release, we have:

  • Added support for a new short-utterance transcription (Natural Language) functionality to process audio with a maximum length of approximately 30 seconds.
  • Added a new Out of Service configuration option for the ASR (Automated Speech Recognizer) service, allowing system administrators to enter maintenance mode from the Dashboard, which permits currently pending requests to be completed, but any new requests will be rejected (to be potentially handled by other ASR servers in the cluster).
  • Added a new feature to the ASR load-balancing mechanism to actively route ASR requests based on the language specified.

Useful for situations where you do not want to be constrained by a specific grammar, or challenged by implementing a more complex and costly Statistical Language Model, the LumenVox Short-Utterance Transcription functionality utilizes a built-in, general Statistical Language Model that has been tuned for everyday use to provide a text representation of supplied audio.

Supporting LumenVox’ commitment to making speech applications more secure and easier to administer, additional enhancements were made to our diagnostic tools and dashboard, including more robust grammar handling within the LumenVox Speech Tuner.

For a comprehensive list of improvements and features released with LumenVox Version 17.0.200, please click here.

If you’d like to watch a previously recorded webinar about the release, including participant Q&A, please click here.