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LumenVox Dashboard Overview

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The LumenVox Dashboard is a web-based tool to administer, license, and view the status of LumenVox products. Prior to version 11.1, the Dashboard was a Windows-only tool, but since the current Dashboard is accessed via a web browser, it can be used on both Windows and Linux.

Note that starting with LumenVox version 14.1, the Dashboard now also contains a Diagnostics tab, allowing users to validate and test their LumenVox system configuration as well as additional debugging tools. We recommend all users update their software to make use of this very helpful capability.


The Dashboard is part of the LumenVox Manager service, which is included with the LumenVoxClient package on Linux and the LumenVox Tools package on Windows. See Manager Overview for more details on installing and running the Manager. The Dashboard does not require any special licensing.

The Dashboard is configured through the LumenVox Manager configuration file.

Accessing the Dashboard

To access the Dashboard, simply open the IP or hostname of the machine running the manager service in a web browser. By default, the Dashboard listens on port8080 (though this can be changed). So to access a Dashboard on the local machine, you would open a web browser to https://localhost:8080/summary.html

Dashboard Overview

Upon first connecting to the Dashboard, you will be presented with a screen that looks similar to the one below:

The Summary tab provides an at-a-glance view of the machine hosting the Dashboard and any LumenVox services running on that machine. You can StartStop, or Restart any of the services by clicking the appropriate button.

Introduced with LumenVox version 14.1, users can also see any LumenVox services that are configured to run on remote machines. Clicking on the blue hyperlink button with the remote server's IP address will open new browser tab and attempt to connect to the Dashboard located on that machine. Note that in order for this mechanism to work correctly, all Dashboards must be configured to use matching ADMIN_PORT and protocol settings.

The Dashboard can provide access over HTTPS using a certificate.

Please refer to the following articles for information on the other options available via the Dashboard: