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Configuring Services with Dashboard

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The LumenVox Dashboard allows for easy configuration of most LumenVox services installed on a machine. Note that because the client_property.conf file is not associated with a single LumenVox service, it cannot currently be changed through the Dashboard. Configuration files associated with the Speech Tuner, which is not a system service, are also not editable through the Dashboard.

To use this interface, simply log into the Dashboard and click the Configuration button next to the service that you wish to configure:

Making Changes

The Configuration Interface presents the settings that are available in the configuration file for the given service. The parameters will change based on the service whose configuration is being updated.

For each parameter, you will find the Name of the parameter, its current Value, the Default, and a Description that indicates what the parameter does.

To edit any parameter, simply edit its current Value and then choose Update Settings at the bottom of the screen:

You will need to restart the service for any changes to take effect.

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Filter Settings

Starting with LumenVox 14.1, a new filter option was introduced, allowing users to select Basic, Intermediate or Advanced settings to view or edit. This change makes it clearer to users the severity of the various settings, and makes initial setup easier if only the Basic settings are used.

Ideally, users should begin with changes to the basic filter settings, and only adjust the intermediate and advanced settings if needed.

Clicking on the Basic, Intermediate or Advanced filter selector indicated will selectively show or hide the corresponding options. For example, if Basic is selected, only the settings needed to configure fundamental operation of the LumenVox services are shown - the intermediate and more advanced settings are hidden from view to prevent accidental or inadvertent changes.

Monitoring Services

Also new with LumenVox 14.1 is the option to enable or disable monitoring of certain LumenVox services, as needed. This option is only visible when the Intermediate or Advanced filter is selected.

For each of the LumenVox services that the Manager is able to monitor, you can now selectively enable or disable this monitoring service, which reduces confusion when there are some services that you may not be using.

You should selectively enable or disable the monitoring of each LumenVox service according to your specific needs on each machine instance. When any service is selected to be unmonitored, it does not affect the functionality of that service - it only informs the manager (running the Dashboard) that errors should not be reported for that service, and that the service should not show up in the list of services on the Dashboard's Summary or Diagnostic Pages.

Deprecated: Call Indexer

As of version 16.0.100, the Call Indexer service was removed. All users are advised to discontinue use of this service, either by uninstalling it, or permanently disabling it.

This MONITORSERVICE setting is also used during the Dashboard Diagnostics testing to determine which services should be included.