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Troubleshooting Overview

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The articles in this section are designed to help users understand how to troubleshoot common issues with the LumenVox software. Before contacting LumenVox support with an issue, we recommend that you read through this section and follow its advice.

The basic process to troubleshooting is as follows:

  1. Verify basic functionality to help narrow the issue
    • It is useful to have logging verbosity enabled to its highest setting for all products while doing this.
    • If any basic tests are failing, the output should give you an idea why.
  2. Ensure the correct processes are running
    • Media Server (if needed)
    • License Server (if needed)
    • ASR/TTS
  3. Read through logs to identify problems
  4. Run a single call or session using ASR/TTS and try to understand where the errors are occurring.
  5. Enable response files to troubleshoot speech problems like barge-in or low confidence scores.
  6. Contact LumenVox Support if you still cannot solve the problem, or post a question in our developer forums.

You can use the navigation bar on the left to read more detail on each step.

Still Need Help?

For other help troubleshooting, you may also be interested in our Developer Forums on the LumenVox Developer Network.

If you need help with basic installation or configuration, please see our articles covering those topics: