Upgrading LumenVox Software

Before you begin an upgrade of the LumenVox software, please ensure your software maintenance is up to date. LumenVox licenses are permanent and non-expiring, but the purchase of a license only includes software updates for the first year of the license.

To receive and use LumenVox software released after that, you must pay annual maintenance fees for each license. You may simply log into your LumenVox customer account in order to renew maintenance online. You may also contact LumenVox sales or support and we can process an order over the phone or e-mail.

Once you have paid the maintenance for a given deployment, simply download the license file again, just like you did upon initial installation. You do not need to generate a new Info.bts; just login to your account and click "Download License" next to the deployment. Each time you download a license file, the system will generate a license with your current maintenance expiration date.

After you have downloaded a license, simply install it again, on top of your existing licenses. Your installed license will now have the correct date associated with it.

WARNING: You should never install licenses with different maintenance dates on the same license server, if you are using the latest versions of the software. If some licenses have dates that are incompatible with the software, and other licenses have current dates, this will cause erratic and unpredictable behavior, e.g. that licensing will work only sporadically. If you need any help with this, please contact LumenVox sales or support and we can work with you to get all of the licenses to the same maintenance date.

Upgrading on Linux (YUM or apt-get)

If you used a package manager such as YUM or apt-get to install the LumenVox software, upgrading is simple. Simply issue the appropriate upgrade command:

Using YUM: yum upgrade packagenames

Using apt-get: apt-get install packagenames

Where packagenames is a list of the LumenVox packages you wish to upgrade. A typical full LumenVox upgrade would look like:

yum upgrade LumenVoxCore LumenVoxSRE LumenVoxClient LumenVoxLicenseServer


apt-get install lumenvoxcore lumenvoxsre lumenvoxclient lumenvoxlicenseserver

Upgrading on Linux (manually)

If you do not use an automatic installation utility, you may simply use RPM or dpkg to perform a local upgrade once you have downloaded the packages:

rpm -U pathtopackages

dpkg -i pathtopakcages

Where pathtopackages is the path and name of each package to install.

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