Uninstalling Licenses

If you are using version 8.5 of the License Server or newer, you may uninstall your licenses.

Note: if you installed your licenses or License Server before May 2008, you must first upgrade your license before removing it. To upgrade a license, first ensure you have installed the 8.5 (or later) version of the License server. Then go to the LumenVox customers site and, in the "My Licenses" section, choose to upgrade a deployment by clicking the "Advanced" link next to the deployment.

This will reset the deployment for upgrade. You will then generate a new Info.bts file from your 8.5 (or later) License Server. Upload that file for the deployment, and you will be able to now download an upgraded license file. If you have multiple deployments installed on a machine, you will need to go through this process for every deployment. If the license files you download from the Web site do not have _r2.bts at the end of their file names, they are of the old type and must be upgraded.

You only need to upgrade license types if you wish to uninstall your licenses. If you are just upgrading to a new version of the License Server, you should not need to upgrade the license files.

The uninstallation process is as follows:

  1. You will need the original license file you installed. These files have names like License1234.bts. If you don't have this file, you may download it again from the LumenVox Web site.
  2. Using the license manager's uninstall feature, provide it with the original licensefile.
  3. This generates an uninstall key, which you input on the Web site.
  4. Once the key has been entered, the deployment is reset and you may follow the normal license installation process on a brand new machine.

Uninstallation Process

From the command line, run:

/usr/bin/lv_license_manager -u /pathtothelicense

Where /pathtothelicense is the full path to the license file you downloaded earlier. So if you downloaded a file called License1234.bts to your /tmp/ directory, you would run the command:

/usr/bin/lv_license_manager -u /tmp/License1234.bts

The lv_license_manager application will return an uninstall key (this key will also be written to the end of a file called LVLicenseUninstall.txt in your current directory).

Copy that key and return to your account page at LumenVox.com. You can now enter that value into the Web site to have your license reset.

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