Known Issues

This page lists current issues and workarounds relating to Asterisk and the LumenVox Speech Engine integration. Full release notes for any version of the software are available in our Engine Help Document.

LumenVox and Asterisk Startup

There is a known issue that sometimes causes the Connector Bridge ( to segfault during load.

The error will display as:

asterisk: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/ undefined symbol: ast_speech_register

-or from the pstack:
Core was generated by `asterisk -cvvvvvv -d -g'. Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.

*It is possible that the issue may manifest with errors different than the examples above. If the Connector Bridge segfaults, proceed with the fix defined below.

To work around this issue, simply set the MODULE_STARTUP_MODE parameter of your etc/lumenvox/client_property.conf file to 1. Its default is 0.

You will then need to restart Asterisk.

64-bit Operating Systems

The only 64-bit operating system LumenVox is currently supported on is RHEL/CentOS 5.

Virtual Machines

The LumenVox License Server does not support virtualized environments, though the other products will work in a virtual machine. If you wish to use a VM, you must host your license server on a physical machine and then modify your client_property.conf file to point to the License Server.

Missing Dependency:

If you are getting an errors about Missing Dependency: then be sure you have read the "Libjs Problems on Red Hat ES or CentOS" section of our Installation Instructions.

Cannot restore segment prot after reloc

If you are getting an error that includes a message about Cannot restore segment prot after reloc this is likely caused by SE Linux. The easiest solution is to disable SE Linux; the better solution is to configure an exception in SE Linux to allow LumenVox to load its libraries. However, as SE Linux is a third-party application, documenting it is beyond the scope of this guide. We're happy to help you configure it with a support contract.

LumenVox 8.6 and Asterisk Startup

We believe we have fixed the problem with Asterisk segfaulting or locking up when loading res_speech_lumenvox. If you are experiencing problems with this using 8.6, please make sure to upgrade to LumenVox 8.6.1000

In testing, we have noticed some issues with Asterisk crashing on shutdown. Please inform LumenVox support if this continues to be an issue for you.

Older Fix

The following section should be obsolete with 8.6.1000; it is left here as a historical reference for users on older versions of LumenVox.

Some users will have a problem loading (the Connector Bridge). If Asterisk hangs indefinitely while attempting to load, you can work around this bug by modifying the Asterisk module loader to wait two seconds before loading the module.

You will need to go into your Asterisk source directory and edit main/loader.c to include the following block of code:

if ( !strcmp(resource, "") )
ast_log(LOG_NOTICE, "sleeping 2 seconds before loading module %s.\n", resource);

The above code snippet should be added in the file just above the following comment:

/* if the system supports RTLD_NOLOAD, we can just 'promote' the flags
on the already-opened library to what we want... if not, we have to
close it and start over

You will then need to save the file and rebuild Asterisk from source.

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