Configuration Files

Many LumenVox settings are controlled by several configuration files. Most of these contain functionality that is also exposed by our API, but using the configuration files is be a helpful way to alter settings without altering application code.

These files are placed in /etc/lumenvox/ by default.

Each application has its own configuration file, and the Speech Engine has both a client configuration and a server configuration (this affects the actual Speech Engine process that performs decodes).

There is a master configuration file called lumenvox_settings.conf that controls a number of general settings, including the name and location of each individual configuration file. This lumenvox_settings.conf file must be placed in /etc/lumenvox/ for any of the applications to start properly.

There is also an Asterisk-specific LumenVox configuration file called lumenvox.conf in /etc/asterisk/ that controls variables related directly to the Asterisk-LumenVox integration.

For information about each file and its settings, see the page for the appropriate file:

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