Solaris Installation

The Solaris versions of the Speech Engine and License Server are distributed as zipped Solaris packages. Installing them is a matter of simply unzipping them and then using the pkgadd command to install them.

You must be running as root in order to install the Engine and License Server.

  1. Log in to your account at and download the appropriate License Server and Speech Engine packages to a temporary directory. They are named in the format lvengine_X.Y.ZZZ.sparc.gz and lvlic_X.Y.ZZZ.sparc.gz, where X.Y.ZZZ is a version number.
  2. From within that temporary directory, run the command gunzip lvengine_X.Y.ZZZ.sparc.gz and gunzip lvlic_X.Y.ZZZ.sparc.gz (replacing X.Y.ZZZ with the version number) in order to unzip the files.
  3. Install each file using pkgadd -d lvengine_X.Y.ZZZ.sparc and pkgadd -d lvlice_X.Y.ZZZ.sparc in order to install the packages. Follow the prompts in the package manager (confirm that you want to install the package and all of its files) to finish installation.

Once you have done the above for both the Engine and License Server, installation is complete. You can verify the installation by running the command svcs | grep lv and ensuring that both lv_license_server and lv_engine are installed and online.

In order to actually use the Engine and License Server, you must set up environment variables. We have provided a script called lumenvox.bashrc to do this automatically, located in the /opt/lumenvox/engine/ directory. You may want to add the execution of this script to your startup process so that it is automatically executed whenever you login.

Once the Engine is installed, you may proceed to the Licensing for information about downloading and installing licenses.

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