Trixbox Instructions

These instructions are provided to offer a little extra help to trixbox users who are not overly familiar with Linux or Asterisk. They are not intended to be comprehensive instructions, and LumenVox does not test with newer trixbox builds. Please see Getting More Help if you are stuck on something.

For the most part, the instructions for setting up the LumenVox Speech Engine on trixbox are the same as the normal Asterisk installation. You will need to:

You will need to use the Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions of the Speech Engine and License Server. You should follow the directions for installation via the YUM tool.

You should add speech applications such as the sample one provided in Testing the Installation in your extensions_custom.conf file. If your speech application is complex, it may be a good idea to keep it separate from the extensions_custom.conf file. You can do this by writing your Dial Plan applications in separate .conf files and including a line like #include my_app.conf at the start of extensions_custom.conf, where my_app.conf is the name of the .conf file with your application.

If you are a trixbox user and do not have much experience working with Asterisk or Linux, the following tips for working with trixbox and Linux may be helpful:

You may access the Linux command line on your trixbox machine by using the SSH Terminal that is part of the trixbox Web interface.

You will need a method of putting files onto your trixbox machine. Because there is no Web browser included with the trixbox distribution, you will generally be downloading files from a Windows machine and copying them to your trixbox machine.

One option that requires little setup is to download a program called WinSCP that will let you transfer files from a Windows machine to a trixbox machine. If you download WinSCP onto your Windows machine, just connect to your trixbox machine by its IP address and use the root username and password you set up during intall. Please note that WinSCP is a third-party program and LumenVox cannot provide any support for it.

Another option is to set up Samba on your trixbox machine. Samba will enable Windows filesharing on your trixbox machine. To do this, type setup-samba from the SSH Terminal in the trixbox Web GUI. You will then be able to access the trixbox file system from your Windows machine by chosing Start > Run... and typing \\ipaddress where ipaddress is the IP address of your trixbox. Note that this will make all your trixbox files available to any user on the network and thus may be a large security hole.

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