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Expired Maintenance

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Though LumenVox licenses are generally sold as perpetual licenses, they do also usually require an annual software maintenance contract be renewed in order to use the latest version of the software (see Renewing Software Maintenance). Attempting to use the LumenVox ASR, TTS, or CPA software without valid software maintenance can cause issues that may be hard to spot unless you look in the LumenVox log files.


The following symptoms are indicative that a problem may be caused by expired software maintenance:

  • The ASR or TTS stopped working after an upgrade of LumenVox to a newer version and you are using perpetual licenses.
  • All of the services are running and you can obtain licenses, but the basic functionality tests are failing.
  • You are seeing error codes in the logs such as -41 LV_LICENSES_EXPIRED or -59 LV_EXPIRED_LICENSE.
  • You can create new ASR or TTS sessions over MRCP, but DEFINE-GRAMMAR, RECOGNIZE, or SPEAK requests are returning errors.


The quickest way to tell if licenses have expired maintenance dates is to check the licenses using the LumenVox Dashboard. Simply go to the Licensing tab in the Dashboard and expand a license group to see its date. If it has expired, that will be obvious:

You can see the license icon is red and the maintenance expiration date is visible, with a notice that the license has expired.

However, just because a license has expired maintenance does not mean it is not usable with the original version of the software (the restriction is that you cannot use a version of the software newer than the maintenance expiration date). To verify that you are having a maintenance expiration issue, you should check the LumenVox logs. In particular, you should see errors in client_asr.txt, client_tts.txt, or media_server_app.txt.

Expired maintenance in client_asr

An example of some expired maintenance causing problems in the client_asr.txt log file:

05/08/2013 17:50:53.630,INFO,SpeechPortClien,GetConnection Failed: Simply couldn't find a server
05/08/2013 17:50:53.630,INFO,SpeechPortClien,RequestClient - At least one SRE server was rejected as the current license (End date: 5/8/2012) does not permit using it/them. Oldest available server has a date of  5/3/2013.
05/08/2013 17:50:53.630,ERRO,SpeechPortClien,RequestClient - Error: Can not connect to any SRE servers. Expired license(s).

Expired maintenance in client_tts

An example of some expired maintenance causing problems in the client_tts.txt log file:

05/09/2013 12:06:53.077,ERRO,TTSCListSendMsg,At least one TTS server was rejected as the current license (End date: 5/8/2012) does not permit using it/them. Oldest available server has a date of  5/3/2013.

Expired maintenance in media_server_app

An example of some expired maintenance causing ASR problems in the media_server_app.txt log file:

05/09/2013 14:48:02.355,ERRO,GramLoadThread ,Error -41 loading grammar uri: builtin:grammar/digits, ErrorString:"Unable to connect to speech recognition server" [0000000B]

And for TTS:

05/09/2013 12:15:39.709,ERRO,Mrcp_SPEAK,Synthesizer failure -59.


The appropriate way to resolve the issue is to update your software maintenance contract. Please contact LumenVox sales for information on renewing software maintenance.

If you have renewed your maintenance, you may follow our instructions to update your license file.

Mixed Expiration Dates

We strongly recommend that users keep their maintenance dates the same for all licenses. If some licenses on a server are current and others are not, the behavior is undefined but will likely result in intermittent failures that may be hard to diagnose short of following the steps above. Your LumenVox sales representative can help you get all of your licenses to the same date; please contact us for more details.