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11 System Service Monitoring

Following several request from users asking if we provide any interface allowing LumenVox services to be monitored by existing data-center monitoring systems (such as SNMP, Nagios and many others), we have introduced a new mechanism that enable this. Introduced…

12 URIs and LumenVox

There are a variety of ways that LumenVox may take user-supplied URIs to point to external resources. These include: As the location of a grammar or SSML document to use for a recognition or synthesis (passed into the Media Server or the API). External grammars…

13 Using the Error Codes Utility

LumenVox provides a very useful application called LVErrorCodes (in Windows) or lv_error_codes (in Linux) which can be used to quickly identify the nature of an error code coming from one of the LumenVox APIs. LumenVox has a range of Error Codes that are…