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Using the Error Codes Utility

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LumenVox provides a very useful application called LVErrorCodes (in Windows) or lv_error_codes (in Linux) which can be used to quickly identify the nature of an error code coming from one of the LumenVox APIs.  LumenVox has a range of Error Codes that are used throughout our products. These are returned when certain functions are called, such as configuring a setting or loading a grammar.  The value of the error code indicates success (when 0 or LV_SUCCESS) or describes the nature of any error that was encountered.

These error codes are typically negative numbers representing an error condition, such as -25. Understanding what -25 might mean can be tricky, and we therefore provide a knowledgebase page that describes these Error Codes, as well as including this information in the header files included with client installation packages. There is also a helpful API function called LV_SRE_ReturnErrorString, which will return a string representation of the specified error code, so for example in the case of -25, the string returned would be "Can not load grammar from file."

The LVErrorCodes/lv_error_codes utility simply provides this lookup capability in a command line tool that can easily be called.

Version 11.0

The LVErrorCodes utility was introduced in LumenVox version 11.0

This utility is installed with the LumenVox Engine Installer (Windows)in the installed directory (by default C:\Program Files\LumenVox\Engine\ ) and with the LumenVoxClient RPM(Linux) 

Usage is: LVErrorCodes <error-code>

Prints the corresponding description of the specified error-code to stdout.


 -version                     Displays version information associated with LVErrorCodes




LVErrorCodes -12

This will display the corresponding description for error-code -12, which
in this case is 'Bad port handle'


Sample output (Windows):

C:\ProgramFiles\Lumenvox\Engine>LVErrorCodes.exe -12
Bad port handle

Sample output (Linux):

# ./lv_error_codes -12
Bad port handle