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NLU Gateway Administration

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The NLU Gateway needs to hold configuration information for each NLU end-point.  This can be accomplished from the LumenVox Dashboard.  Each end-point must have a unique name associated with it.  This name is included in the meta data of the grammar used to initiate a transcription style ASR interaction.  See Using the NLU Gateway

To create a new NLU gateway end-point, from the dashboard click on the configuration for the NLU Gateway.  This will open up the NLU Gateway Configuration page which will list all the configured end-points.  To add a new entry, click on the "Add New Entry" button.

For the new entry, enter a unique name, and choose the Gateway Service Type.

Depending on the the Gateway Service Type chosen, various further required fields will be displayed.  See the following articles for details.

Google Dialogflow

Amazon Lex

Microsoft LUIS

IBM Watson