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When setting up a Google DialogFlow end-point, the Service Account key, Project ID and Model Language are required.

Information about getting API credentials for DialogFlow can be found here: DialogFlow Quickstart: Setup

Gateway Service Name

This is a unique name given by the user used for identifying the service.

Service Account Key

A Google Cloud service identity key. This account key can be created here. Learn more about Google Cloud's Service accounts here. This should be provided as JSON format. (Note, when updating service this field may remain empty to indicate no update shall be done)

Project ID

Project ID given in the agent's settings page. More information on Google projects can be found here

Model Language

A language code corresponding to the lange to use in the Google Dialogflow agent (e.g. en-US).

Detect Intent Enabled

Toggle to enable or disable Intent and Slot detection.

Chatbot Enabled

Toggle to enable or disable Chatbot responses.

Tenant Id

A currently unused field. This field will be use to sort and filter services in future releases of the NLU gateway.