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When setting up a Microsoft Luis Conversation app end-point, the Endpoint URL, Azure Resources Key Microsoft LUIS Conversation App ID, and the Publishing slot are required.

Gateway Service Name

This is a unique name given by the user used for identifying the service.

Endpoint URL

The endpoint URl form The Azure Resource page from the LUIS App you wish to use.


This is the required API key for the Azure Resource which the Luis App uses. This may be either the Primary or Secondary Key.(Note, when updating service this field may remain empty to indicate no update shall be done)

App ID

The application ID from the Application Settings of the Luis App.

Publishing slot

When publishing a Luis App you must publish to either the Staging or Production slot. Put "Production" here if published to the production slot. Likewise put "Staging" if published to the staging slot.

Detect Intent Enabled

Toggle to enable or disable Intent and Slot detection.

Number Of Intents

The max number of intents to return from Amazon Lex.

Tenant Id

A currently unused field. This field will be use to sort and filter services in future releases of the NLU gateway.